Inclusive community

Inclusive Community: Pillar 1 of the LMP Strategic Plan

Create together an equitable, inclusive learning and working environment.

Taskforces made up of learners, faculty and staff will work on projects and enable our strategic pillars. 

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Objective 1

Strengthen outreach and recruitment of learners, clinical laboratorians, and scientists from wider communities and diverse backgrounds, particularly those from under-represented groups.

Projects related to objective 1. We will be:

  • Surveying to determine current composition of our community
  • Developing a plan to further recruit, include and support learners, faculty, and staff who are members of under-represented groups
  • Working with student associations and faculty to broaden high school outreach
  • Strengthening and expanding our summer student program targeted at under-represented groups
  • Advocating for equity in our community, such as more funding and opportunities for underrepresented student groups and for postdocs

Objective 2

Develop sustainable initiatives and practices that encourage everyone to work at their best.

Projects related to objective 2. We will be:

  • Creating a Vice Chair position for wellness, inclusion, diversity and  equity
  • Facilitating access to wellness resources for the LMP community
  • Improving awareness of wellness at clinical chief’s caucus meetings
  • Providing educational resources to enable faculty to role-model wellness
    to trainees and colleagues
  • Expanding professional development funds for staff to include wellness as eligible activity
  • Continuing to fund annual resident and post-doctoral trainees wellness retreat
  • Organizing LMP staff wellness activities (e.g. summer retreat/picnic, holiday get-together)
  • Considering additional funds to student unions, CLAMPS and LMPSU, to support wellness activities for graduate and undergraduate students

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Co-Vice Chair Wellness, Inclusion, Diversity and Equity (WIDE)

Co-Vice Chair Wellness, Inclusion, Diversity and Equity (WIDE)

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