Continuing Appointment Review and Three-Year Review

Full-Time Clinical faculty and Status-Only faculty in LMP are required to undergo an in-depth review after completing the third year of their appointment.

Note: If you hold your primary appointment in a research institute or a community hospital you are not required to complete this review process.

For Full-Time Clinical faculty, this review is the Continuing Appointment Review (CAR).  

For Status-Only faculty, this review is the Three-Year Review.

These reviews are designed to assess your academic performance within the first three years of your university appointment and provide you with feedback with regards to your academic career development.

The review process will elicit and consider relevant information such as:

  • academic activities
  • teaching evaluations
  • opinions of colleagues and trainees 

LMP will solicit written comments people from who are acquainted with your clinical and/or scholarly work. This may include department members, clinical colleagues, and the interprofessional team.

The LMP Appointments Committee (DAC)will review your dossier and will make a recommendation to the LMP Chair.

Contact Xilonem Lopez at for questions regarding the CAR or Three-Year Review process in LMP.

The process 

1. The LMP HR Office will initiate your review at the end (or close to the end) of the third year of your appointment. 

2. You will be required to submit a dossier which includes:

3. The LMP HR Office will submit your dossier to your Hospital Chief and Division Director, if applicable, for evaluation.  They will jointly submit the applicable recommendation report to the LMP Chair:

4. Your dossier and the Hospital Chief and Division Director’s joint recommendation report will be submitted to the LMP Appointments Committee (DAC) for review. 

5. the DAC will submit a recommendation to the LMP Department Chair. Possible recommendations could be: 

  • transfer to continuing appointment for Full-Time Clinical faculty
  • appointment renewal for Status-Only faculty 


  • set up a meeting that includes you, the LMP Department Chair, your Hospital Chief, and your Division Director for further discussion 

6. Final decisions on the outcome:

  • For Full-Time Clinical faculty, the LMP Department Chair makes the final recommendation which will be submitted to the Dean. The Dean (or delegate) makes the final decision to approve or deny transfer to the system of continuing annual renewal.
  • For Status-Only faculty, the LMP Department Chair makes the final decision to approve or deny continued academic appointment.

7. Upon completion of the review, the LMP HR Office will notify you of the outcome. The Chair’s Office will coordinate a meeting between you and the LMP Department Chair. At this meeting, they will provide you with detailed feedback and you will have an opportunity to discuss your future academic plans with them.