Why choose LMP for your research program?

Our acclaimed faculty and trainees are engaged in many exciting areas of investigation ranging from molecular and cellular biology to genomics and bioengineering that will improve our understanding of fundamental processes and our ability to treat human diseases such as neurological disorders, cardiovascular disease, infectious diseases, diabetes, and cancer. 

Reasons why you should study at LMP:

  1. Our department is where basic, translational and clinical research meet 
  2. Our educational program is student-oriented 
  3. We’re on the ground with Artificial Intelligence 
  4. Our department is committed to community and student well-being 
  5. You will develop skills and knowledge to follow many paths 

1. Investigating disease. Impacting health: our department is where basic, translational and clinical research meet

We recognize the importance of different forms of research that increase knowledge and improve human health.   

Basic research is a reductive form of investigation that uncovers molecular mechanisms of both normal and disease processes.   

Translational research builds on basic research to bring the knowledge gained at the bench to the bedside.   

Clinical research is patient-oriented and includes therapeutic interventions, clinical trials, and epidemiological studies.   

As an LMP student, your investigations may focus on one or more of these forms of research, but you are certain to learn about all aspects of research through seminars and interactions with your colleagues and faculty. 

2. Our educational program is student-oriented 

We train our research-stream graduate students to think critically and to communicate effectively. These skills are essential to becoming an independent researcher and are transferable to a variety of academic and professional occupations.   

We believe that most of what you’ll learn will occur outside of the classroom and that your education should primarily be self-directed.   

Your course requirements may, therefore, be lighter than those of other programs, but you will have the option to enrol in additional courses as you see fit.   

You will also be able to take advantage of our Workshop Program, which is unique to LMP. This awards students financial support for practical training in an area related their thesis work. 

3. We’re on the ground with Artificial Intelligence 

Machine learning and artificial intelligence will play a core role in medical research and patient care in the near future.   

The Temerty Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research and Education in Medicine (T-CAIREM) is based in our department.

This newly formed centre will foster multi-disciplinary research and educational programs in artificial intelligence for health scientists.  

4. Our department is committed to community and student well-being 

At LMP, we recognize that having a sense of community and maintaining a healthy work environment is not a passive process.   

As an LMP student, you will be a member of our student union, Confederation of Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology Students (CLAMPS). CLAMPS is a student-run organization that offers academic and research support to all of its members. CLAMPS also organizes a number of social events throughout the year.   

Student well-being is a priority of our Wellness, Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (WIDE) committee. The WIDE committee fosters a working and learning environment that is free from discrimination and harassment. 

5. You will develop skills and knowledge to follow many paths 

Graduating from our program means you will join an alumni network that makes an impact across many fields. 

From academia to pharma, from healthcare to the non-profit sector, your future after LMP can take many different paths. 

We have recently launched a new mentoring program between our graduate students and alumni so our students can better understand career options and broaden their networks. 

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