The CLAMPS team

You can contact us any time at, or contact one of the team below.

The CLAMPS representatives are elected every year by the student body.

President: Ryan Hiebert

Field of study: Infectious disease

Responsibility on council: Oversee academic and social events. Represent CLAMPS in University affairs

About me: Passionate about student outreach and starting initiatives to augment the academic development and milieu within LMP.

Academic Vice President: Ruilin Wu

Field of study: Cardiovascular disease

Responsibility on council: Planning and management of academic activities in CLAMPS, including the annual product show, academic seminars and conferences.

About me: A significant portion of my undergraduate training focused on business and biochemistry integration. In the future, I aim to pursue a career in the healthcare/pharmaceutical industry.

Graduate Students’ Union Representative: Kevin (Doyoon) Won

Field of study: Immunopathology

Responsibility on council: Represent the interests and concerns of the LMP student body in the Graduate Students’ Union of the University. Relay relevant information discussed within the Graduate Students’ Union to CLAMPS and the LMP students.

About me: I am eager to serve as a voice for the LMP program and take part in creating the most inclusive, diverse, and engaging experience for our students this upcoming year!

Graduate Students’ Union Representative: Christy Yeung

Field of study: Metabolism

Responsibility on council: Representing the interests of CLAMPS in the Graduate Students' Union of the University.

About me: Looking forward to getting involved with student council and connecting with students in LMP!

Social Vice President: Josh Rosen

Field of study: Lung cancer

Responsibility on council: Organize social events for LMP graduate students to foster a sense of community within our department.

About me: Outside of research and extracurriculars, I enjoy trying unique foods and experiencing new things.

Vice President Recreation and Wellness: Wenda Zhao

Field of study: Neuroscience

Responsibility on council: Organizing and coordinating athletic, recreation and wellness events including intramural sports teams, weekly drop-in sports, sporting events and mental health events

About yourself: Passionate about providing the student body with events and experiences that could greatly benefit their physical and mental well-being.

Academic Vice President: Maryam Khalil

Field of study: Cancer

Responsibility on council: Oversee academic events including academic seminars, the LMP mentorship program, organizing annual Product Show, and the annual LMP Research Conference.

About me: I am currently about to start my second year of Masters at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. I have constantly spend time in leadership roles on campus and that’s why I am really excited to be the Academic VP for CLAMPS this year. I want to ensure that all graduate students feel heard and have an opportunity to voice their concerns. I am a strong advocate for equal opportunity and believe that it should never be a subject of political debate. Diversity must be valued to create a working environment that benefits all and to create a strong LMP community.

External Vice President: Dorsa Sohaei

Field of study: Multiple Sclerosis biomarkers

Responsibility on council: Organize community engagement projects.

About me: I am a big fan of puns, cute animals and puns about cute animals.

Treasurer: Tarlan Kehtari

Field of study: Neuroscience

Responsibility on council: Manage financial affairs and establish budget for CLAMPS events.

About me: Excited to experience all the LMP community has to offer and help in making the most of all events!

Vice President Communications: Rupal Hatkar

Field of study: Cancer Genomics

Responsibility on council: Communicating events held by CLAMPS to the LMP student body by advertising on different platforms. Represent LMP department in the University of Toronto Graduate Student Union (UTGSU) council and convey interest and concerns of LMP student body to the university.

About me: Passionate to learn new skills (academic and non-academic) and grow as a person by learning from mistakes. My non-academic hobbies are playing badminton, piano, guitar, and swimming.