Non-clinical Appointments

Learn more about the eligibility and application requirements for the different types of non-clinical academic appointments available in the Department of Laboratory Pathobiology (LMP).

All application requirements should be submitted directly to the LMP HR Office at

Status Only Appointments 

  • Normally holds full-time employment arrangement with another institution with a job description that is appropriately academic (components of research and/or teaching) in nature. 

Term: one to three year(s) renewable at the discretion of the Department Chair 

Academic position description: Clinician Teacher, Clinician Educator, Clinician Quality and Innovation, Clinician Investigator, Clinician Scientist, Clinician Administrator. See the Clinical Academic Position descriptions for details. 

Annual academic review: required to participate in annual review process 

Application requirements for Status Only appointments 

  • Online application form
  • Candidate’s Curriculum Vitae (strongly encouraged to follow Temerty Faculty of Medicine CV guidelines (PDF))
  • Summary of three-year plan for research and/or teaching (word template) 
  • For faculty with clinical duties, submit an Academic Positon Description signed by candidate and Clinical Chief. 
  • Letter from employing Institute supporting the academic appointment. Letter must state that salary is guaranteed for a minimum of three years 
  • For Research Institute candidates, a letter from VP of Research confirming salary and laboratory space will be guaranteed for a minimum of three years 
  • Search details including: 
    • Copies of advertisement as it appears on the journal including name of journal(s) and date of publication 
    • Committee membership including university representative 
    • Number of applicants, number of short-listed candidates and reason for selecting top candidate 
  • Two-three internal U of T reference letters and two-three external to U of T reference letters. Reference letters must be addressed to the Department Chair, printed in the insitution's letterhead and signed.
  • For non-Canadians, a copy of the candidate's passport and work permit.

Adjunct Appointments 

  • Employed elsewhere in a position that is not academic in nature who have special skills or learning of value to LMP and who may provide services for which recognition is desirable. 
  • Do not usually involve full membership in the School of Graduate Studies but may give the opportunity to teach graduate courses or to co-supervise graduate students. 

Term: one-year renewable at the discretion of the Department Chair 

Application requirements for Adjunct appointments 

  • Online application form
  • Cover letter with reason why an academic appointment is being requested 
  • Curriculum Vitae 

Non-Clinical Cross Appointments

  • Holds a primary academic appointment in another department. 
  • Expected to contribute to research and/or educational activities. 

Term: one to three year(s) renewable at the discretion of the Department Chair. 

Annual academic review: required to participate in annual review process.

Application requirements for Non-clinical Cross appointments

  • Online application form
  • Cover letter with reason why an academic appointment is being requested 
  • Candidate’s Curriculum Vitae 
  • Letter of support from Chair of Primary Department, addressed to the Department Chair, printed in the institution's letterhead and signed.
  • For candidates with a primary Full-Time Clinical appointment:  A copy of the candidate's current academic position description from their primary department.

Visiting Professor 

  • Faculty from other universities and/or research institutes who hold continuing appointments in their home institutions. 
  • Visiting Professor will be expected to contribute to the research and/or teaching activities of LMP. 
  • Academic appointment and work visa approval can take several months to complete. It is recommended that an application is submitted at least 6 months in advance of planned arrival date. 

Term: no more than one year. Appointments for longer than one year duration require prior approval of the Vice-President and Provost of the University. 

Application requirements for Visiting Professors

  • Online application form
  • Candidate’s Curriculum Vitae 
  • Description of Duties 
  • Letter of support from sponsoring faculty member 
  • Letter of support from Department Head of sponsoring faculty member 
  • Letter from home institution confirming sabbatical leave and his/her home position is guaranteed upon return 
  • For international candidates 
  • Employer Compliance fee will be charged back to the sponsoring LMP faculty member 

Emeritus/ Emerita (Status-Only) 

  • Non-clinical Status-Only appointees in the Temerty Faculty of Medicine who hold a primary appointment at one of the fully affiliated University teaching hospitals and have held the rank of Full Professor (Status-Only) for at least 10 years, may be eligible for the title Professor Emeritus/Emerita (Status-Only). 
  • The title Professor Emeritus/Emerita (Status-Only) at the University of Toronto may not be held concurrently with emeritus rank or title from any other institution. 
  • This is an honorary title only and does not confer the rights accorded to other Emeritus/Emerita Professors at the University of Toronto.
  • Where appropriate and with the approval of the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies, those holding the title of Professor Emeritus/Emerita (Status-Only) may be granted membership in SGS at the rank of SGS membership held at the time of retirement. 
  • Use of the title “Professor Emeritus” must always be followed by the qualifier (Status-Only). 

Term:  not applicable (honorary appointment) 

Annual Academic Review: not applicable 

Application requirements for Emeritus/ Emerita (Status-Only) 

Qualified retiring faculty should send a letter to the Department Chair requesting Emeritus / Emerita Status and noting retirement date.

To apply, send a letter as outlined above to