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Current MHSc in Laboratory Medicine students

Student support 

The Department of Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology is committed to providing exceptional support to our graduate students.  

There is a lot of information, services and support available to you, but whom do you contact about what? If in doubt, contact the Graduate Office at lmp.labmed@utoronto.ca.    

For mental and physical well-being support  

See our Student Assistance page for help and resources. If you're unsure where to start, contact the Graduate Office (lmp.labmed@utoronto.ca).    

Grad Minds: peer support initiative. Providing graduate students with an opportunity to connect with a peer with shared experiences who can listen with understanding and help navigate mental health resources.  

The Graduate Office: who we are and how we can help  

The Graduate Office can help you with topics such as:  

  • Advice on program requirements or academic policy   
  • Program progress  
  • Wellness counseling    
  • Finding appropriate resources across the University of Toronto   
  • Award applications and information    
  • Course exemptions  
  • LMP performance expectations   
  • Program transfers   
  • Annual LMP Research conference
  • Personal time off   
  • If you have been harassed or treated unfairly  

and more.   

Beatrice Wong

Beatrice Wong

Program Administrator: ​Graduate & Life Sciences Education Officer



CEDAR: access your digital student record

If you started your graduate program in September 2020 or later
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The Field Directors: who we are and how we can help  

The Field Directors can help you with topics such as:  

  • Advice on field-specific issues  
  • Advice on academic performance and progress
  • Mentorship and career advice
  • Advice on curriculum issues
  • Advice on interactions with faculty, laboratory personnel and peers
  • Providing support for academic, non-academic and professional issues for students individually and in groups  
Heather Shapiro

Dr. Heather Shapiro

Fang-I Lu

Dr. Fang-I Lu

Field Director, Pathologists' Assistant


Dr. Lu's faculty profile

The Graduate Coordinator: who we are and how we can help 

The Graduate Coordinator can help you with topics such as:  

  • Mentorship and career advice
  • Advice on academic appeals  
  • General program curriculum advice
  • Advice on program policies and procedures
  • Advice on School of Graduate Studies, Temerty Medicine, or University policies and procedures
  • Consultations on issues not resolved through the Field Directors
Douglas Templeton

Dr. Douglas Templeton

Graduate Coordinator, Professional Programs  


Dr. Templeton's faculty profile

Avrum Gotlieb

Dr. Avrum Gotlieb

More sources of support  

The School of Graduate Studies (SGS) has information and resources for graduate students, such as obtaining letters of registration or letters of completion.    

The Environment Health and Safety website has information on accident reporting, safety training, and safety policies.   

Travelling to a conference? Visit the Safety Abroad office  

The Centre for International Experience provides support for international students.   

Graduate & Life Sciences Education Office