LMP2201H: Anatomy and Pathology of Organ Systems

For Pathologists' Assistant students in the MHsc in Laboratory Medicine program.

A 0.5 FCE course delivered by a team of basic science and clinical specialists.

You will have some basic knowledge of human pathobiology and cell and molecular biology obtained earlier in the program as foundational knowledge for this course.

Each session will include:

  • An appropriate histology tutorial of the organ system (30 minutes)
  • Lecture (80 minutes)
  • Break (10 minutes)
  • Research paper analysis presentation by faculty or student (20 minutes)
  • Critical discussion of the paper by the student group (10 minutes).

The presentation and discussion focuses on why the study was carried out, general considerations of the methods, an overview of the research findings, and the impact the findings are likely to have. You should also consider what you liked about the paper and what needed improvement.

You must read the paper presented by faculty or student before the lecture and be prepared to discuss it.

The content of this course focuses on pathobiology and cell and molecular alterations in organs that occur in specific human disease with changes related to organ anatomy and embryology.

Student presentations will focus on the impact on pathogenesis.

Since many diseases are systemic in nature, we will address the pathogenesis in both organs and systems. 

Course instructors

Dr. Avrum I. Gotlieb



Dr. Michael Siedman (michael.seidman@uhn.ca)

Dr. Michael Cabanero (michael.cabanero@uhn.ca)

Dr. Klaudia Nowak (klaudia.nowak@uhn.ca)

Dr. Rola Saleeb (rola.saleeb@unityhealth.to)

Dr. Bojana Djordjevic (bojana.djordjevic@sunnybrook.ca)

Dr. Shachar Sade (shachar_sade@sunnybrook.ca)

Dr. Lingxin Zhang (lingzin.zhang@sinaihealth.ca)

Dr. Lananh Nguyen (lananh.nguyen@unityhealth.to)

Dr. Susan Done (susan.done@uhn.ca)