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At the forefront of medical research and discovery, the Pathobiology Specialist Program offers you the opportunity to study the causes and mechanisms of disease and their resulting impact on human health.

  • Investigate pivotal questions such as: 
  • Why do certain cells become cancerous? 
  • Why do particular neurons degenerate? 
  • Why did that atherosclerotic plaque form? 

These and similar questions are fundamental to making medical breakthroughs. 

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Undergraduate research opportunities

Find out how you can get hands-on research experience as a pathology undergraduate, including course-based research and our Summer Undergraduate Research Experience Program (SURE).

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Jeffrey Lee

Dr. Jeff Lee

Undergrad Coordinator (Life Sciences)

Dr. Lee's faculty profile

Karim Mekhail

Dr. Karim Mekhail

Undergrad Coordinator (Life Sciences)

Dr. Mekhail's faculty profile

Louella D'Cunha

Louella D'Cunha

Undergraduate Life Sciences Program Administrator


Brandon Wells

Brandon Wells

Graduate and Life Sciences Education Officer