LMP mentoring program

Registration is now closed for the 2022-2023 cycle

We are matching mentors and mentees and will introduce mentoring pairs week commencing October 17.

There is a period of rematching up until November 21. If you missed the deadline and still want to be part of the program, contact lmpmc@utoronto.ca. We will do our best to accommodate you, but there is not guarantee you will be matched.

We offer two different kinds of mentoring for our graduate students:

  • peer-to-peer: where lower year graduate students are mentored by upper year graduate students
  • alumni: where our alumni mentor graduate students at any stage of their program

All LMP graduate students are welcome to take part across all our programs.

How does it work?

We open registration for mentors and mentees at the start of the academic year (September). Using the information provided in the registration form, the LMP Mentorship Council, comprised of LMP staff, students and alumni, match mentors and mentees.

We use a platform called Temerty Medicine Connect to connect mentors and mentees, provide resources and set 'milestones' for the relationship.

At the end of the program in June, all participants complete an evaluation so we can report on the effectiveness of the program and make improvements for the next cycle.

The timeline for 2022/2023

September 12 - 30: Registration is open for mentors and mentees 

Week of October 17: We introduce mentors and mentees to their match

Monday October 31: Mentoring orientation event – compulsory for all mentees, mentors are welcome to attend. We’ll guide new mentees through how to get the most out of the mentoring program, how to be a great mentee, and what resources and supports are available. 

November 21: Deadline for rematching. If something hasn’t gone to plan, we will try our best to find a new mentor or mentee for those affected. 

Friday June 9: Weather depending – our summer social networking event, downtown Toronto. 

Friday June 16: All participants must complete the program evaluation. 

End of June: Mentors and mentees hold their final meeting and summarize progress.  

Program expectations

What will expected from you if you register for the program.

Mentor responsibilities  

Do approach your mentee to start communication and set up meetings. If you get no response, please let the Mentorship Council (at lmpmc@utoronto.ca) know by November 21 so you can be rematched.

Depending on the particular goals of the mentee, as a mentor, your responsibilities may include:  

  • helping to set short-term learning objectives and short-term and long-term career goals. 
  • recommending and/or creating specific learning or development opportunities, including leadership development. 
  • relaying and modeling the best practices, values, and culture within your field, including challenging aspects. 
  • recognizing strengths and areas for development for your mentee. 
  • providing valuable and constructive feedback. 
  • establishing personal boundaries, expectations and communication methods early on.  

A mentor is not... 

  • A tutor. 
  • A counselor. 
  • Someone the mentee approaches for a job. 

Student mentee responsibilities 

Mentees, you will get out of this program what you put into it. Make an effort to initiate meaningful conversations and lead the relationship to get the best experience! 

As a requirement, you must:

  • Approach your mentor to start communication and set up meetings. If you get no response, you must let the Mentorship Council (at lmpmc@utoronto.ca) know by November 21 so you can be rematched.
  • Complete meeting forms for a minimum of three meetings (forms will be provided).
  • Set goals for the relationship. We will provide a template, which you do not have to use, but you need to set goals and share them with your mentor in some way.
  • Attend the orientation meeting on October 31.
  • Complete the evaluation form sent to you in June.

To get the best experience from the program, as a mentee, you will:  

  • be responsible to initiate communications with your mentor. 
  • take the lead in scheduling meeting times and locations. 
  • be respectful of your mentors’ time: be punctual and give advance notice of cancellations. 
  • prepare questions and issues to discuss in advance of the meeting. 
  • be willing to participate in an open and honest discussion about your background, interests, work experiences, and career goals. 
  • respect the confidentiality and privacy of your mentor. 

The LMP Mentorship Council

We are a group of LMP students, staff and alumni who manage the program and make matches!

Contact us at lmpmc@utoronto.ca

A group of people smiling at the camera

The council is comprised of:

  • Brandon Wells, LMP staff: Graduate & Life Sciences Education Officer
  • Jenni Bozec, LMP staff: Communications and Outreach Officer
  • Ryan Hiebert: LMP Alumnus
  • Ruilin Wu: current LMP graduate student
  • Rupal Hatkar: current LMP graduate student
  • Maryam Khalil: current LMP graduate student

We will be recruiting new members of the Council soon!

How to register on Temerty Medicine Connect