Infectious diseases and Immunopathology 

Viral, bacterial, fungal, and parasitic pathogens are major threats to Canadian and global public health infrastructures.

Our researchers use a variety of leading-edge microbiological, biochemical, immunological, and biophysical techniques to discover important model principles of microbial pathogenesis.

From uncovering the molecular mechanisms of bacterial antibiotic resistance, malarial infection, effects of toxins on cellular function, viral entry and replication to the immune restriction of microbial pathogens, researchers in this area bring a diverse breadth of focus that is key to the development of new countermeasures, such as vaccines, antibodies, therapeutics, and diagnostics. 

Researchers in this area focus on various aspects including mechanisms of: 

  • infection processes 
  • host-pathogen interactions 
  • cellular and organismal immune systems 
  • immune surveillance 
  • innate immunity 
  • viral entry and replication 
  • microbial pathogenesis 
  • antibiotic resistance 
  • bacterial toxins 
  • vaccine development 
  • microbial diagnostics 

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