Other professional development from LMP faculty

Many from the LMP community are involved in the creation of professional development resources and courses in their roles.

Here we will list current and ongoing professional development opportunities our people have been involved in creating or delivering.

For specific events, see our events calendar.

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Learn Flow Cytometry

Access Learn Flow Cytometry

Certificate in Translational Medicine: Coaching and Mentorship for Early Career Investigators

  • For: Faculty in health professions (Medicine, Nursing, PT, OT, pharmacy, PhD scientists) currently engaged in health research (PI or Co-PI on 1+ studies); Senior trainees in health research; Post-doctoral fellows in health research
  • Format: 13 weeks (3 hours/week), cost: $3,4549 + HST
  • Offered by: Temerty Medicine Continuing Professional Development
  • LMP involvement: Program Director, Dr. Richard Foty

Find out more and register for the certificate in Translational Medicine

The Translational Research Program (TRP)

  • For: anyone interested in learning how to drive impact and innovation in health and care. At the TRP, you’ll enhance your skills as a researcher, clinician, health professional or industry expert by developing the competencies needed to advance health innovation. 
  • Format: 2 year masters program
  • Offered by: The Translational Research Program 
  • LMP involvement: an LMP masters program

Find out more about the TRP

Adaptive Learning Courses in Laboratory Medicine 

  • For: all disciplines of medical laboratory specialists
  • Format: Online and currently free. Based on the concept of adaptive learning, the closest to personalized education.
  • Offered by: AACC Learning Lab for Laboratory Medicine on NEJM Knowledge+ program
  • LMP involvement: Dr. Lusia Sepiashvili is one of the authors

Access the AACC Learning Lab for Laboratory Medicine on NEJM Knowledge+ program 

Digital and Computational Cytology

  • For: practicing pathologists, residents and fellows
  • Format: free online module, available any time.
  • Offered by: Acta Cytologica and their publisher, Karger
  • LMP involvement: edited by Dr. Joerg Schwock

Discover more about the creation of this module in our story: Understanding Artificial Intelligence from a Cytopathologist’s perspective

Join Digital and Computational Cytology

Coronavirus Cytokine Storms

  • For: laboratory professionals
  • Format: free online module, available any time.
  • Offered by: NEJM Knowledge and AACC Learning Lab
  • LMP involvement: Dr. Lusia Sepiashvili is part of the team that created the course

Join Coronavirus Cytokine Storms

Sunnybrook Saturday in Pathology 

Listed in the LMP events calendar when available.

Talks and videos from T-CAIREM

Access learning resources related to Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare, collated by The Temerty Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research and Education in Medicine (T-CAIREM) at the University of Toronto, such as:

  • The Future is Now: Artificial Intelligence in Primary Care
  • AI for Good Discovery, the United Nations' digital platform