Projects to improve patient care

The Quality Council is running several projects, which aim to:

  • Promote alliances between the hospitals affiliated with the University of Toronto to develop novel quality programs or initiatives that will enhance patient care
  • Harmonize clinical laboratory services across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

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We aim to harmonize quality indicators across hospital-based clinical laboratories in the GTA that identify areas for quality improvement and enable sharing of best practices.

We are evaluating the appropriateness of testing in several areas of Laboratory Medicine and sharing methodology across disciplines to minimize the amount of inappropriate or redundant testing orders placed by physicians.

We are aiding the harmonization of critical values used by hospitals and their associated clinical laboratories across the GTA to ensure consistency in the definition and identification of 'critical state' patients.

We aim to assess the current state of reference interval variation for key chemistry and immunoassays in the Greater Toronto Area and work to facilitate harmonization.

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