Assistant Professor

Felix Leung

Department of Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology - Clinical Chemistry


Mount Sinai Hospital: Sinai Health
600 University Ave., Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, Toronto, Ontario Canada M5G 1X5
Research Interests
Metabolism & Nutrition, Molecular & Cell Biology
Clinical Interests
Clinical Chemistry
Appointment Status

Dr Felix Leung is a Clinical Biochemist in the Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital.

He completed his PhD at the University of Toronto investigating biomarkers for ovarian carcinomas and characterizing non-serous ovarian carcinomas using proteomic technologies.

He subsequently completed the Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Clinical Chemistry at the University of Toronto and has research interests in disease biomarkers, laboratory automation, and quality assurance.


Recent Publications


Leung F, Bernardini MQ, Liang K, Batruch I, Rouzbahman M, Diamandis EP and Kulasingam V. Unraveling endometriosis-associated ovarian carcinomas using integrative proteomics. F1000Res. 2018; doi: 10.12688/f1000research.13863.2.

Leung F, Bernardini MQ, Brown MD, Zheng Y, Molina R, Bast RC Jr, Davis G, Serra S, Diamandis EP and Kulasingam V. Validation of a Novel Biomarker Panel for the Detection of Ovarian Cancer. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev. 2016; 25(9):1333-40.

Leung F, Kulasingam V, Diamandis EP, Hoon DS, Kinzler K, Pantel K and Alix-Panabières C. Clin Chem. Circulating Tumour DNA as a Cancer Biomarker: Fact or Fiction? 2016; 62(8):1054-60.

Lennox GK, Eiriksson LR, Reade CJ, Leung F, Mojtahedi G, Atenafu EG, Ferguson SE, Murphy J, Diamandis EP, Kulasingam V and Bernardini MQ. Effectiveness of the risk of malignancy index and the risk of ovarian malignancy algorithm in a cohort of women with ovarian cancer: does histotype and stage matter? Int J Gynecol Cancer. 2015; 25(5):809-14.

Leung F, Diamandis EP and Kulasingam V. Ovarian cancer biomarkers: current state and future implications from high-throughput technologies. Adv Clin Chem. 2014; 66:25-77.

Prassas I, Brinc D, Farkona S, Leung F, Dimitromanolakis A, Chrystoja CC, Brand R, Kulasingam V, Blasutig IM and Diamandis EP. False biomarker discovery due to reactivity of a commercial ELISA for CUZD1 with cancer antigen CA125. Clin Chem. 2014; 60(2):381-8.

Leung F, Dimitromanolakis A, Kobayashi H, Diamandis EP and Kulasingam V. Folate-receptor 1 (FOLR1) protein is elevated in the serum of ovarian cancer patients. Clin Biochem. 2013; 46(15):1462-8.