Retirees and Long Term Service 2024

At our Celebration of Excellence 2023, we celebrated those who have provided many years of service to LMP, as well as those who retired this year. We thank them for their dedication and for everything they have contributed to LMP’s academic mission.

You can view a full list of our Professors Emeriti.

Long term service

20 years of service  

  • Christine Cserti-Gazdewich
  • Lei Fu
  • David Munoz 
  • Susan Poutanen 
  • Janice Robertson
  • Maria Rozakis-Adcock
  • Cuihong Wei
  • John Wong

25 years 

  • Khosrow Adeli 

  • Hong Chang

  • Patrick Shannon

  • Lea Velsher

30 years 

  • Tony Mazzulli
  • Li Zhang

40 years 

  • Denis Macdonald


Christopher Sherman

Dr. Christopher Sherman was appointed as Staff Pathologist at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre where he focuses on perinatal, placental and genitourinary pathology.

He has been appointed in LMP for 26 years and during this time, was actively involved in teaching pathology residents and pathologists’ assistants. He contributed to LMP’s MHSc in Laboratory Medicine program for pathologists’ assistants, both as the Sunnybrook site coordinator, as well as a course coordinator.

In 2020, he was awarded the LMP Award for Graduate and Postgraduate Education for excellence in teaching and supervision of postgraduate trainees.

Brenden Mullen

Dr. Brandon Mullen was the Deputy Director, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital and has been appointed for 40 years in LMP.

His research interests are in diagnostic breast and pulmonary pathology and the laboratory investigation of male infertility. He has served as a consultant in the development and improvement of laboratory services and policies in Ontario and Nova Scotia.

In 2021, he received the LMP Sustained Excellence Education Award in recognition for his demonstrated and sustained excellence in clinical education.

Lei Fu, Khosrow Adeli, Rita Kandel, Susan Poutanen and Tony Mazzulli
Lei Fu, Khosrow Adeli, Rita Kandel, Susan Poutanen and Tony Mazzulli
Rita Kandel and Brenden Mullen
Rita Kandel and Brenden Mullen