Assistant Professor

Alison Paprica

Institute of Health Policy, Management & Evaluation


Dalla Lana School of Public Health
ICES, G1 06, 2075 Bayview Ave., Toronto, Ontario Canada M4N 3M5
Appointment Status

Dr Paprica is Executive Advisor and Affiliate Scientist at ICES and a member of the Executive Committee for Health Data Research Network Canada.

Previous roles include:

  • inaugural Vice President, Health Strategy and Partnerships at the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence
  • Director, Strategic Partnerships at ICES
  • Director of the Planning, Research & Analysis Branch at the Ontario Ministry of Health (responsible for $60M annual applied health research investment)
  • management positions in international pharmaceutical R&D.

Alison holds an Honours Combined BSc in biochemistry and chemistry (McMaster, summa cum laude), a PhD in organic chemistry (Western University, NSERC Scholar) and is a member of the Ontario Genomics Board of Directors and the International Advisory Board for Health Data Research UK.


Research Synopsis


For several decades, my career has focused on identifying and capitalizing on shared interests between academic institutions, government departments and agencies, and commercial organizations.

Over time, my research focus has shifted from my trained discipline of biophysical chemistry to health sciences, population health and social sciences.

Most recently, my focus has been on infrastructure and governance for data-intensive health research and on patient and public engagement in research.

I am also interested in understanding how and why research projects and large-scale academic initiatives succeed.

My main research interests are:

  • The engagement of patients and members of the public in all stages of research
  • Infrastructure for data-intensive health research, including governance of health AI and machine learning
  • Knowledge translation and exchange to strengthen research, policy development and planning
  • Structures, practices, and tools to support the leadership and management of academic research


Recent Publications


Essential requirements for establishing and operating data trusts: practical guidance based on a working meeting of fifteen Canadian organizations and initiatives, PA Paprica, E Sutherland, A Smith, M Brudno, RG Cartagena, M Crichlow, International Journal of Population Data Science 5 (1), 2020

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