Associate Professor

Andrew Evans

Department of Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology

MD, PhD, BSc

Mackenzie Health, 10 Trench Street, Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada L4C 4Z3
Research Interests
Artificial Intelligence, Genetics Genomics & Proteomics, Molecular & Cell Biology
Clinical Interests
Pathology: Genitourinary, Pathology: Anatomical
Appointment Status

Research Synopsis

Kidney and prostate cancer. Molecular pathogenesis, biomarkers for predicting disease progression, clinical behaviour in relation to histopathological and molecular characteristics of kidney and prosatte cancers, pathologic evaluation of tumour tissue following new innovations in treatment (ablative and targeted molecular therapies).

Recent Publications


Evans AJ, Chetty R, Clarke BA, Croul S, Ghazarian DM, Kiehl TR, Perez-Ordonez, Ilaalagan S, Asa SL. Primary frozen section diagnosis by robotic microscopy and virtual slide telepathology: The University Health Network Experience. Hum Pathol, 40 (8):1070-1081, August 2009 (Special section on telepathology- Dr. R. Weinstein ed).

Evans AJ, Kiehl TR, Croul S. Frequently asked questions concerning the use of whole-slide imaging telepathology for neuropathology frozen sections. Sem Diag Pathol, 27(3):160-166, 2010.

Translational Research in Kidney and Prostate Cancer:

Evans AJ, Russell RC, Roche O, Burry TN, Fish JE, Chow VWK, Kim WY, Saravanan A, Maynard MA, Gervais ML, Sufan RI, Roberts AM, Wilson LA, Betten M, Vandewalle C, Berx G, Marsden P, Irwin MS, Teh BT, Jewett MAS, Ohh M. VHL promotes E2 Box-dependent E-cadherin transcription by HIF-mediated regulation of SIP1 and Snail. Mol Cell Biol, 27 (1):157-169, 2007

Youssef Y, White NMA, Grigull J, Krizova A, Samy C, Meja-Guerrera, Evans A, Yousef GM. Accurate molecular classification of kidney cancer subtypes using microRNA signature. Eur Urol, 59:721-730, 2011.

Squire JA, Park PC, Yoshimoto M, Alami J, Wiliiams JL, Evans A, Joshua AM. Prostate cancer as a model system for genetic diversity in tumors. Adv Cancer Res, 112:183-216, 2011.

Fraser M, Zhao H, Luoto KR, Lundin C, Coakley C, Chan N, Joshua AM, Bismar TA, Evans A, Helleday T, Bristow RG. PTEN deletion in prostate cancer cells does not associate with loss of RAD51 function: implications for radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Clin Can Res, 18:1015-1027, 2012.

Yoshimoto M, Ding K, Sweet J, Ludkovski O, Trottier G, , Song K, Joshua AM, Fleshner N, Squire JA, Evans AJ. PTEN losses exhibit heterogeneity in multifocal prostatic adenocarcinoma and are associated with higher Gleason grade. Mod Pathol (accepted August 2012).

Honours and Awards

2021 College of American Pathologists Lifetime Achievement Award