Christopher Ball

Christopher Ball MBBS MScEng FRCPC
Assistant Professor
Department of Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology
Christopher Ball
Contact Info
T: (647) 329-1953
F: (647) 329-1389
Ontario Forensic Pathology Service
25 Morton Shulman Ave.
Toronto, ON, M3M OB1
Appointment Status Primary
Clinical Interests
Anatomic Pathology, Forensic Pathology

There is potential for interesting knowledge creation through inter-disciplinary research at the crossroads of anatomic pathology and mechanical engineering, where human pathophysiology and Newtonian physics overlap.

Publications and Awards

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Recent Publications

Selected list of publications:

C.G. Ball, J.C. Herath. Earth, air, water, and fire: Histopathology of Environmental Death. Academic Forensic Pathology. 2018 August; 8(3):  641-652.

I. Babic, Z.M. Ferraro, K. Garbedian, A. Oulette, C.G. Ball, F. Moretti, A. Gruslin.  Intraplacental artery resistance indices and identification of placenta mediated diseases. Journal of Perinatology.  2015 October; 35(10): 793-798.

C.G. Ball, J.P. Veinot. Overview of technological development, complications, and grossing techniques in percutaneous coronary intervention. Academic Forensic Pathology. 2015 June; 5(2): 240-253.

F. Secretain, A. Pollard, M. Uddin, C.G. Ball, A. Hamilton, R.C. Tanzola, J.B. Thorbe, B. Milne. A novel software program for detection of potential air emboli during cardiac surgery. Cardiovascular Ultrasound. 2015 January; 13(3).

A. Pollard, M. Uddin, A-M Shinneeb, C.G. Ball. Recent advances and key challenges associated with the flow inside the human oro-pharyngeal-laryngeal airway. International Journal of Computational Fluid Dynamics. 2012 May; 26(6-8): 363-381.

C.G. Ball, H. Fellouah, A. Pollard. The flow field in turbulent round free jets. Progress in Aerospace Sciences. 2012 April; 50: 1-26.

H. Fellouah, C.G. Ball, A. Pollard. Reynolds number effects within the development region of a turbulent round free jet. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer. 2009 August; 52(17-18): 3943-3954.

C.G. Ball, M. Uddin, A. Pollard. High resolution turbulence modelling of airflow in an idealized human extra-thoracic airway. Computers and Fluids. 2008 September; 37(8): 943-964.

C.G. Ball, M. Uddin, A. Pollard. Mean flow structures inside the human upper airway. Flow, Turbulence, and Combustion. 2008 June; 81(1-2): 155-188.