Daniel Drucker

Department of Medicine


Mount Sinai Hospital: Sinai Health
600 University Ave., TCP5-1004 Box 39, Toronto, Ontario Canada M5G 1X5
Research Interests
Cardiovascular, Metabolism & Nutrition
Appointment Status

Not currently accepting students.

Dr. Drucker received his M.D. from the University of Toronto in 1980, and is currently Professor of Medicine.

He holds a Canada Research Chair in Regulatory Peptides and the Banting and Best Diabetes Centre-Novo Nordisk Chair in Incretin Biology.

His laboratory is based in the Lunenfeld Tanenbaum Research Institute at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto and studies the molecular biology and physiology of the glucagon-like peptides.   

Research Synopsis

Research in the Drucker lab is focused on understanding the biology of the glucagon-like peptides.

Specific projects include physiological analyses of GLP-1 and GLP-2 action, understanding the biology of glucagon action, and elucidation of the functional control of GLP-1, GIP, and GLP-2 action through studies of their respective receptors.

Selected Publications

Johswich A, Longuet C, Pawling J, Abdel Rahman A, Ryczko M, Drucker D. J., Dennis J. W. N-glycan Remodeling on Glucagon Receptor is an Effector of Nutrient-sensing by the Hexosamine Biosynthesis Pathway J. Biol Chem 2014 Jun 6;289(23):15927-15941.

Ussher, J. R.,, Baggio, L. L., Campbell, J. E., Mulvihill, E. E., Kim, M., Kabir, M. G., Cao, X.,  Baranek, J., Stoffers, D. A., Seeley, R. J., Drucker, D. J. Inactivation of the cardiomyocyte Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 Receptor (GLP-1R) unmasks cardiomyocyte-independent GLP-1R-mediated cardioprotection Molecular Metabolism 3 (2014), 507-517

239. Moffett, R. C., Vsu, S., Thorens, B., Drucker, D. J., Flatt, P. R. Incretin Receptor Null Mice Reveal Key Role of GLP-1 but Not GIP in Pancreatic Beta Cell Adaptation to Pregnancy PLoS One. 2014 Jun 13;9(6): e96863. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0096863

Koehler, J. A., Baggio, L. L., Cao, X., Abdulla, T., Campbell, J. E., Secher, T., Jelsing, J., Larsen, B., Drucker, D. J. Glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists increase pancreatic mass by induction of protein synthesis Diabetes 2015; 64:1046-1056

Lovshin, J. A., Barnie, A., DeAlmeida, A., Logan, A., Zinman, B., Drucker, D. J. Liraglutide promotes natriuresis but does not increase circulating levels of atrial natriuretic peptide in hypertensive subjects with type 2 diabetes Diabetes Care 2015 Jan;38(1):132-9.

Finan, B., Yang, B.,Ottaway, N., Smiley, D. L., Ma, T., Clemmensen, C., Chabenne, J., Zhang, L., Habegger, K. M., Fischer, K., Campbell, J. E., Sandoval, D., Seeley, R. J.,  Bleicher, K., Uhles, S., Riboulet, W., Funk, F., Hertel, C., Belli, S.,Sebokova, S., Conde-Knape, K., Konkar, A., Drucker, D. J., Gelfanov, V., Pfluger, P. T., Müller, T. D., Perez-Tilve, D., DiMarchi, R. D., Tschöp, M. H. A rationally designed monomeric peptide triagonist corrects obesity and diabetes in rodents Nature Med (2015) Jan;21(1):27-36

Gagnon, J., Baggio, L. L., Drucker, D. J., Brubaker, P. L. Ghrelin is a novel regulator of glucagon-like peptide-1 secretion Diabetes 2015 64(5):1513-21

Ali, S., Ussher, J. R., Baggio, L. L., Kabir, M. G., Charron, M. J., Ilkayeva, O., Newgard, C. B., Drucker, D. J. Cardiomyocyte glucagon receptor signaling modulates outcomes in mice with experimental myocardial infarction Molecular Metabolism 2015(4)132-143.

Koehler, J. K., Baggio, L. L., Yusta, B., Longuet, C., Rowland, K. J., Cao, X., Holland, D., Brubaker. P. L., and Drucker D. J. GLP-1R agonists promote normal and neoplastic intestinal growth through mechanisms requiring Fgf7 Cell Metabolism 2015 21(3):379–391

Landgraf, D., Tsang, A. H., Leliavski, A.,Koch, C.E., Barclay, J. L., Drucker, D. J., Oster, H. Oxyntomodulin regulates resetting of the liver circadian clock by food eLife 2015;10.7554/eLife.06253

Takaia, S., Yasumatsub, K., Inouea, M., Iwataa, S., Yoshidaa, R., Shigemuraa, N., Yanagawac, Y., Drucker, D. J., Margolskee, R. F., Ninomiyaa, Y. Glucagon-like peptide-1 is specifically involved in sweet taste transmission FASEB J 2015 in press

Harasta, A.,Power, J., Jonquieres, G., Karl, T., Drucker, D. J.  Housley, G., Schneider, M., and Klugmann, M. Septal glucagon-like peptide 1 receptor expression determines suppression of cocaine-induced behaviour Neuropsychopharmacology 2015 doi:10.1038/npp.2015.47

Yusta, B., Baggio, L. L., Koehler, J. A., Holland, D., Cao, X., Pinnell, L. J., Johnson-Henry, K. C., Yeung, W., Surette, M. G., Bang, K. W. A.A., Sherman, P. M., Drucker, D. J. GLP-1 receptor (GLP-1R) agonists modulate enteric immune responses through the intestinal intraepithelial lymphocyte (IEL) GLP-1R Diabetes 2015 in press