Adjunct Professor

Lynn Allen

Department of Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology

Hon BSc, MSc, PhD, Dip Clin Chem

198 Glasgow St N, Guelph, Ontario Canada N1H 4X2
Clinical Interests
Clinical Chemistry
Appointment Status

Lynn has been Laboratory Director (part-time) at Headwaters Health Care Centre for the last 13 years. Her main interests currently are in the area of quality management.

She conducted workshops on implementing Ontario laboratory accreditation requirements when these requirements were first introduced. She is Chair of the IQMH (formerly QMP-LS) Chemistry Committee, and is a member of Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Medical Laboratory Quality Systems Committee. As well, she is Executive Editor of the journal, Critical Reviews in Clinical Laboratory Sciences.

She is the Chair of the CSCC Working Group on Quality Management (WG-QM), which has developed an online program in quality management, the CSCC Leadership in Quality Management Certificate Program. For this work, she is the co-winner, with the co-chair of the WG-QM, of the CSCC Award for Education Excellence for 2016. (She also won the CSCC Award for Education Excellence in 1994)

She presesnted on "The role of a quality management system in improving patient safety - laboratory aspects" in the CSCC symposium on patient safety in 2012, and published in Clinical Biochemistry on the same topic.  She has presented roundtables and workshops on root cause analysis; ethics for lab staff; and laboratory quality management systems, accreditation, and document control; and she has conducted numerous workshops on measurement uncertainty.