Promotions 2021: Q&A with Anna Plotkin

Anna Plotkin

This year, we celebrate a record 12 promotions in the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology.

We speak to each of them to learn more about their role and what this promotion means to them.

Dr. Anna Plotkin has been promoted to Associate Professor.

What is your role in LMP?

I am the Director of Continuous Professional Development at the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology, the President of the Ontario Association of Pathologists, and the Chair of the Pathology Working Group at the International Gynecologic Cancer​ Society.

Why did you pursue an academic career?

Academic medicine opens up a world of possibilities.

It attracts people who are engaged in what they do. In academic medicine, you have not only the ability to learn about all the new developments in your field, but also the opportunity of participating in cutting-edge research and education.

What does this promotion mean to you?

I am proud to have received this promotion, to have my work recognized and appreciated. I'm also grateful to work in a supportive Department that wants its members to be promoted.

If you can go back, what advice would you give your younger self?

Do what you like and what you excel in. Be proud of your achievements, highlight your contributions, and do not hesitate to ask for help in navigating your career.

What advice would you give faculty who would like to apply for promotion?

Find a mentor who can guide you through your career.

I also recommend having someone to talk to who can listen to you when things are not going the way you intended. You need time to think - take that time, dedicate a day or two to let your thoughts flow, write them down, make a plan.

Patricia Cayetano and our amazing faculty are of great help once the promotion is around the corner.

How did you manage your time in putting your dossier together, considering your multiple priorities?

I incorporated the preparation of the dossier into my to-do list - it was just another task to do.

I am actually glad I went through the process, as it made me recognize how much I've accomplished throughout my career.​

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