Retirees and Long Term Service 2023

At our Celebration of Excellence 2023, we celebrated those who have provided many years of service to LMP, as well as those who retired this year. We thank them for their dedication and for everything they have contributed to LMP’s academic mission.

You can view a full list of our Professors Emeriti.

Long term service

20 years of service  

  • Gerold Schmitt-Ulms 

25 years 

  • Isabelle Aubert 
  • Chung-Shan Leung 
  • Yvonne Yau 

30 years 

  • David Irwin 

35 years 

  • David Chiasson 
  • Douglas Templeton 

40 years 

  • Avrum Gotlieb 


Harry Elsholtz 

Dr. Harry Elsholtz, Professor Emeritus, served LMP for nearly 30 years. He was intrinsically involved in the running of LMP which was recognized in him being awarded the LMP Distinguished Service Award in 2016 and the LMP Leadership Acknowledgement Award in 2020. Alongside his research, he played a leading role in LMP graduate programs. He was the Graduate Coordinator for the MSc and PhD program, being also the Chair of the program admissions committee until 2018. He was, more recently, the Graduate Coordinator for the MHSc in Laboratory Medicine program which launched in 2020. 

He had roles not only within the department but also at the Faculty level, having served on the Faculty of Medicine Graduate Curriculum Committee among many others. His interest and influence in curriculum design is proven in the number of courses he helped develop and his roles in departmental curriculum planning. He also played an important part for LMP faculty by being one of the longest-standing members of the Promotions and Appointments committee. 

Theodorus van der Kwast 

Dr. Theodorus van der Kwast, Professor Emeritus, has served LMP for 18 years.  As a Clinician-Investigator at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, he was the lead pathologist of the Canadian Prostate Cancer Genome consortium investigating genetic and epigenetic alterations of prostate cancer. During his career, he authored and co-authored more than 500 publications, mainly on prognosticators of bladder and prostate cancer. In recent years he established the prognostic importance of intraductal and cribriform carcinoma, parameters now adopted in the routine diagnostic reporting of prostate cancer. He was a member of the prostate cancer guideline panel of the European Association of Urology from 2010-2023 and served as President of the International Society of Urological Pathology from 2019-2021. In recognition of his lifetime achievements in urogenital pathology, he was awarded the Leopold Koss medal by the International Society of Urological Pathology in 2017.