Jul 4, 2023

Celebrating the people of LMP

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By Jenni Bozec

Last week, the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology held an event to celebrate the achievements of the last year with 150 faculty, staff, students, and trainees gathering for an awards ceremony and dinner. 

Department Chair, Rita Kandel reflected on the merger that formed LMP as the department marked its 25th anniversary, whilst looking forward with the recently launched strategic plan in her opening address. She also took a moment to celebrate the first two graduating classes of the new MHSc in Laboratory Medicine, many of whom attended the event. 

Celebrating the students and trainees who graduated in LMP in the last year, she reminded them that “life is not a spectator sport,” and “To me, this means getting involved, playing basketball rather than watching it, participating in committees rather than criticizing its outcomes, being involved in bring the strategic plan to life.  But I think the motto means even more.  It means taking chances, welcoming risk.…. I wager that most people will agree that we more often regret what we haven’t done than the fact that we failed trying something new. So, graduates please take chances, and grab opportunities as they arise.  I hope that the commitment to life long learning that your LMP teachers instilled in you will help you do this."

She thanked Cathy Streutker who announced that she was stepping down as Chair of LMP’s promotions and advisory committee after 10 years. Cathy had improved promotion support and rates through workshops and coaching which “touched many lives.”

Rita also thanked Karim Mekhail who has stepped down as co-undergraduate co-ordinator and Associate Chair, Undergraduate life sciences education. Karim together with Jeff Lee redeveloped the undergraduate program.

Sonya MacParland took over as Master of Ceremonies, presenting awards to the highest performing undergraduate and graduate students, and postgraduate trainees. Faculty were celebrated in teaching and leadership awards. She also hosted an interactive quiz on the history of LMP where audience members could win prizes!

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Roman Zyla, resident in the Anatomical Pathology Program (now called the Diagnostic and Molecular Pathology Program), presented the Danny Ghazarian award on behalf of LMP residents to Michael Seidman. He took a moment to remember Dr. Ghazarian who passed away last September, remembering the…“kindness and warmth he showed to all of his trainees. He cared for all of us not just as students but as people, sharing amusing anecdotes and taking an interest in our well-being; he treated all of us as part of his big, pathology family. He will be dearly missed and never forgotten by all who he has touched”.

The eight faculty promoted this year were applauded, as were the faculty members who had dedicated 20 or more years to the department. Harry Elsholtz and Theodorus van der Kwast were also celebrated as they marked their retirements.

Once the awards and recognitions were complete, attendees enjoyed a reception on the patio with music provided by students from the Faculty of Music. The view of the city was spectacular. Prints of the LMP Art Competition winners were displayed, showcasing the imaging skills of LMP students and trainees, which garnered much attention.

Attendees could also browse a historical timeline of LMP prepared by Communications Officer, Jenni Bozec and Museum Studies student, Amy Stock, to mark the 25th anniversary of LMP. The anniversary of LMP was further celebrated by founding Chair Avrum Gotlieb, former Chair Richard Hegele, and current Chair Rita Kandel giving a short speech reminiscing on the last 25 years, while they cut a celebratory cake.

Business manager, and lead organizer of the event, Nelson Cabral, commented, “It has been such a great, fun night and wonderful to take some time to reflect on some of the achievements of the past year.”

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