3mt at LMP

Communicate your research: the 3MT in LMP

The LMP 3MT will restart in Fall 2024


Start preparing for the LMP 3MT 2024-2025! Training and coaching will happen in November/December with submissions due early January.

If you need any help or want to access recordings of training sessions, contact lmp.communications@utoronto.ca.

The 3MT (or 3-Minute Thesis) is an academic research communication competition developed by The University of Queensland, Australia in 2008. 

It is you, your research project, one slide and 3 minutes.

You are communicating to a non-scientific audience about why you’re doing your research and what you hope to achieve with it.

You are not judged on your research or the science, you are judged on how you communicate it. You can take part even if you have zero research results yet!

See our resources page for competitors, coaches and judges

The LMP competition

The University of Toronto competition is run every Spring by the Centre for Graduate Professional Development for doctoral and master’s students.

In LMP, we will run our own departmental competition in December – February, open to all LMP students and trainees in any program.

Our aim is to provide a fun and interesting way for any of our learners to learn about communicating their science.

Why you should do it

This should be called ‘why shouldn’t you do it?’! 

It is a great opportunity for you to:

  • develop your communication skills
  • learn how to communicate your research to a lay audience
  • learn more about the other research happening in LMP
  • have fun
  • be challenged
  • if you’re successful, you’ll get great exposure as a researcher!
  • You can also win a cash prize of $250 (1st prize), $150 (2nd prize) or $100 (3rd prize).

The LMP 3MT timeline 2023-2024

Any LMP learner is welcome to attend any training sessions with no pressure to compete.

November: Dr. Laurent Bozec and Dr. Laura Dempster, experts in science communication and 3MT, held a zoom session explaining what the 3MT is and how to be successful (and therefore how you can communicate your science to a lay audience). If you missed this and want to access the recording, please email lmp.communications@utoronto.ca.

Students who have seen success in 3MT shared their experiences and advice in a peer-to-peer zoom session. If you missed this and want to access the recording, please email lmp.communications@utoronto.ca.

December: Group feedback session. Dr. Bozec and Dr. Dempster held a session to help students across LMP and Dentistry plan their 3MTs.

December - February: The Peer Communications Team provided coaching services to those who wanted it to help them perfect their presentation.

Until early January: Contestants recorded themselves on their phone or computer and submitted their 3MT video entry via our online form. Deadline for submissions was midnight on Sunday, January 7, 2024.

January: Judges reviewed the videos and chose finalists, depending on the number of entries received.

February, 2024: The in-person finals for LMP 3MT. 

February, 2024: Entries closed for the U of T competition. MHSc, MSc and PhD students are eligible to enter the university-wide competition. 

April 25, 2024: the LMP winner presents at the LMP Research Day.

Find out how to be successful in the 3MT by accessing our resources page.

See Atefeh Mohammadi’s entry which won the U of T 3MT competition

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