Support a graduate student: alumni mentoring

Mentoring is about supporting people to help them develop more effectively.

We are piloting an alumni – graduate student mentoring program in 2021, with the hope to expand it to other programs in the future.

By sharing your experiences and insights, you can have a meaningful impact on current graduate students at LMP.

You can support current graduate students by helping them

  • to develop and practice important skills needed for the workplace.
  • better understand their career choices.
  • build a practical and realistic picture of the working world.
  • develop their network of contacts with individuals in their area of interest - even more vital in a pandemic, and post-pandemic world.
  • with practical advice on job searches and applications.

The benefits of mentoring

  • The satisfaction of helping another person and giving something back
  • Showing you are an active supporter of your community
  • A time for self-reflection – often what you advise the student on can help you reflect on your own practices
  • Gain a new perspective.

What it involves

Full expectations for the program are outlined in our guidelines which are also found on our resources page, including some ‘how to’ videos.

What topics you cover and how much time you commit is up to you, but it is important to discuss and agree on these expectations with your mentee at the start.

Feedback is very important so we can develop the program, we would appreciate it you would take part in any surveys and feedback opportunities provided.

Time commitment

This is an initial pilot set to run until December 2021. If you want your mentoring relationship to continue beyond this point, that is for you and your mentee to decide.

We would expect you to meet your mentee at least two or three times before December.

How to become a mentor

Our mentoring program is run through Temerty Medicine Connect — our online mentoring and networking platform.

Powered by Graduway, a third-party online platform, this new offering will connect graduate students and faculty in LMP with members of our broader alumni community.

Not only for mentoring, this platform provides you with:

  • Customized alumni groups – you can request your own groups
  • Curated news, events, programs, job opportunities and updates
  • Mentorship and networking opportunities

Please contribute to the above by posting any relevant news, events and job opportunities.

Signing up is easy and secure, and can be done using your existing LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google accounts, or email.

Complete your profile and indicate if you’re open to being a mentor. You can then browse mentees, or mentees can approach you.

You can join the platform, and the mentoring program at any time.

Step by step guide to getting started

  1. Sign up to Temerty Medicine Connect – fill out your profile with as much detail as possible and make sure choose LMP as your department so you join our group.
  2. Complete your mentoring preferences in your profile settings, or the settings tab in the Mentoring menu, and indicate whether you’re looking for a mentee (pick ‘mentor a student’) and how many mentees you’re prepared to have.
  3. Join your mentoring group (a sub-group of LMP) – the alumni-graduate student program - to stay up to date with guidelines and events related to the program and network with others. You can then browse the members of this group for potential mentees if you wish, or wait for a student to contact you.
  4. If a student requests a mentoring relationship, you will receive an email. You can them accept or decline the request.
  5. Start your mentoring relationship! Start by setting expectations – see Resources for mentors and mentees in LMP.

Watch a video: how to get started on Temerty Medicine Connect

How to get started on Temerty Medicine Connect for LMP

Other mentoring opportunities: communication coaching

Our graduate students have just launched a new initiative called the 'LMP Peer Communication Team'.

You can volunteer to join a pool of coaches who help graduate students improve their research presentation skills.

The team will email the pool of coaches regularly with opportunities to listen to a student giving a research presentation, and then you can give feedback to help them improve their communication skills.

To find out more, or volunteer to join the pool of coaches email:

How to get help

If you have any questions or challenges, contact and we will be happy to help.