Support a graduate student: alumni mentoring

Mentoring is about supporting people to help them develop more effectively.

By sharing your experiences and insights, you can have a meaningful impact on current graduate students at LMP.

You can support current graduate students by helping them

  • to develop and practice important skills needed for the workplace.
  • better understand their career choices.
  • build a practical and realistic picture of the working world.
  • develop their network of contacts with individuals in their area of interest - even more vital in a pandemic, and post-pandemic world.
  • with practical advice on job searches and applications.

We piloted our alumni-graduate student mentoring program over the last few months. Students gave us valuable feedback which has led us to make some significant changes to the program.

They were finding it hard to identify suitable mentors on the Temerty Medicine Connect platform and often didn't know how to approach alumni.

Now you will complete a registration form and the mentoring team will match you to the most appropriate mentee, based on how you feel you can support a student, and what they are looking for in a mentoring relationship.

Registration for matching is now closed


Our mentoring committee is busy matching all those who have registered for the 2021/2022 program!

If you haven't registered for matching, you can still use Temerty Medicine Connect to list yourself as available to support a student and they may approach you independently.

If you have any questions or need help, email us at

The benefits of mentoring

  • The satisfaction of helping another person and giving something back
  • Showing you are an active supporter of your community
  • A time for self-reflection – often what you advise the student on can help you reflect on your own practices
  • Gain a new perspective.

Program commitment and timeline

The mentorship program runs from February to August 2022.  

Once you start your mentoring relationship, we encourage mentors and mentees to meet online at least 2 to 3 times during the cycle.  

You may extend your mentoring relationship beyond the suggested timeframe if you choose. 

Now until December 20, 2021

Registration for the program is open (see buttons above)

Monday, November 15, 2021 (5:15 - 6:15 pm)

We will hold an orientation event. We'll tell you all about the program and how to use TMC. You'll have a chance to ask the team any questions you have. An invitation will come soon, so mark your calendar.

January 2022

The mentoring committee will go through the registration forms and match you with a potential mentee.

February 2022

We will introduce mentors and mentees and you can start your mentoring relationship!

If your match doesn't work out, you can let us know and we will try again.

Spring 2022

We hope to hold a fun in-person networking event for all participants in the program, but that depends on COVID restrictions - we will let you know.

August 31, 2022

Deadline to complete the end of mentoring survey.

November 2022

We hold our annual mentoring celebration and kick-off event for the next cycle.

How the program works

You need to create a profile on Temerty Medicine Connect (TMC) if you haven't already done so. TMC enables:

  • us to post mentoring resources and communications
  • you to manage your mentoring relationship by logging meetings and milestones - it even has a video meeting function so you and your mentee can meet through the platform
  • you to network with others in the program, including other alumni and members from across the Temerty Faculty of Medicine 

Register for the mentoring program by completing the form through Survey Monkey (see links above). This allows you to tell us a bit about you and how you feel you could support a student through mentoring. The mentoring committee will use this information to match you with a potential mentee.

We then introduce you to your mentee by email and connect you on TMC. 

It's up to you to decide when, how often and where you meet. You discuss and mutually agree goals and milestones for your mentoring relationship.

At the end of the program, you will fill out a survey to complete the program.


The Graduate Office will check in with mentors and mentees regularly and gather formal feedback in August. Mentees and mentors will have outlined goals for the mentoring process and will be asked to reflect on their progress. 

Mentor responsibilities  

This is a milestone-driven program.

Depending on the particular goals of the mentee, as a mentor, your responsibilities may include:  

  • helping to set short-term learning objectives and short-term and long-term career goals. 
  • recommending and/or creating specific learning or development opportunities. 
  • transferring substantive knowledge related to your profession or field. 
  • relaying and modeling the best practices, values, and culture within your field, including challenging aspects. 
  • exploring career choices and opportunities. 
  • introducing your mentee to other professionals in your field. 
  • recognizing strengths and areas for development for your mentee. 
  • providing valuable and constructive feedback. 
  • establishing personal boundaries, expectations and communication methods early on.  

A mentor is not... 

  • A tutor. 
  • A counselor. 
  • Someone the mentee approaches for a job. 

Student mentee responsibilities 

Mentees get out of this program what they put into it. We ask them to make an effort to initiate meaningful conversations and lead the relationship to get the best experience.

To get the best experience from the program, mentees will:  

  • be responsible to initiate communications with their mentor. 
  • take the lead in scheduling meeting times and locations. 
  • be respectful of their mentors’ time: be punctual and give advance notice of cancellations. 
  • prepare questions and issues to discuss in advance of the meeting. 
  • be willing to participate in an open and honest discussion about backgrounds, interests, work experiences, and career goals. 
  • respect the confidentiality and privacy of their mentor. 

How to get help and support 

If you have any questions or challenges, contact and we will be happy to help.

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Resources for mentors and mentees in LMP

Watch a video: how to get started on Temerty Medicine Connect

Other mentoring opportunities: communication coaching

Our graduate students have just launched a new initiative called the 'LMP Peer Communication Team'.

You can volunteer to join a pool of coaches who help graduate students improve their research presentation skills.

The team will email the pool of coaches regularly with opportunities to listen to a student giving a research presentation, and then you can give feedback to help them improve their communication skills.

To find out more, or volunteer to join the pool of coaches email:

More information on Peer Communication coaching