LMP363H1 - Principles of Pathobiology 24L

Course description

The objective of this course is to familiarize you with the principles underlying the ways in which living organisms, in particular mammalian organisms, and their contained organs, tissues and cells, respond and react to disturbances in the environment (exogenous and endogenous) that may lead to disease.

The emphasis in this course will be mainly descriptive, in that the orientation will be the patterns of responses and their consequences to the host. However, where applicable, we will explore biochemical and molecular mechanisms.

We will include cell and tissue injury, repair, inflammation, immune responses, selected toxic agents, neoplasia and a few examples of selected responses of specific organ systems to toxic agents.

Course coordinator

Dr. Jessie Wu

Office address: St. Michael’s Hospital, 30 Bond St.


Teaching assistant

Juliette Lee



 Fall 2023

Class time

Tuesday, 1 - 3 pm

Office hours

Appointments scheduled with students as needed by e-mail

Course details

  • Hours: 24L
  • Prerequisite: BIO230H1, CHM247H1/​ CHM249H1
  • Exclusions: LMP300Y1
  • Distribution requirements: Science
  • Breadth requirement: Living Things and Their Environment (4)
  • Enrolment limits: 142 students

Student evaluation

Mid-term test: 40%

Final exam: 60%

See information on Academic Integrity

Schedule - Fall 2023




September 12


Response of the Cell and Tissue to Injury

Dr. Jessie Wu

Dr. Sasan Zandi

September 19

Response of the Cell and Tissue to Injury

Dr. Cotton

September 26

Cell Injury and Cell Death – Mechanisms


Dr. Hahn

October 3

Acute Inflammation and Innate Immune Response

Dr. Lee

October 10

Chronic Inflammation and Adaptive Immune Response

Dr. Lee

October 17


Dr. Lee

October 24

Mid-term test - 1 hour

Introduction to Neoplasia

Dr. Manduch

October 31

Inherited predispositions to cancer

Cancers associated with infectious agents 

Dr. Ju-Yoon Yoon

Dr. Hala Faragalla 

Dr. Wu

November 6 - 10

Reading week, no classes


November 14

Responses of the Brain 

Responses of the Myocardium

Dr. Julia Keith

Dr. Jagdish Butany

November 21

Responses of the Respiratory Tract (virtual)

Responses of the Gastrointestinal Tract

Dr. Wee

Dr. Sara Hafezi Bakhtiari

November 28

Pathobiology of Selected Diseases in Autopsy Pathology

Pathobiology of Forensic Pathology

Dr. Magdaleni Bellis 

Dr. Patrick Kim

December 5

Responses of the Genitourinary Tract

Dr. Rola Saleeb


Final Exam


Recommended readings or text book

Basic Pathology (latest edition), by Kumar, Cotran and Robbins

Pathologic Basis of Disease (latest Edition), by Kumar, Abbas & Fausto


Pathology (latest edition), by Rubin & Farber