Associate Professor

Jayantha Herath

Department of Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology

MD, MSc, DLM, MD (Forensic), FCAP, FRCPC

Ontario Forensic Pathology Service
25 Morton Shulman Ave., Toronto, Ontario Canada M3M 0B1
Research Interests
Cardiovascular, Human Development & Aging
Clinical Interests
Pathology: Forensic, Pathology: Anatomical
Appointment Status

Research Synopsis

  1. CBD based post-graduate forensic pathology education and training.
  2. QA/QC in Forensic Pathology
  3. Forensic bone pathology

Selected Publications

Lucy M Bradly, Jamil K Addas and Jayantha C Herath. Maternal and fetal death at 22 weeks following uterine rupture at the site of the placenta percreta in a C-section scar. Published online 21 June 2019. Forensic Science, Medicine and Pathology,

Sohyung Park and Jayantha C Herath. Healing Myocarditis from a Hypertrophied Heart with Multifocal Fibrosis Mimicking Cardiomyopathy. Journal of Clinical Cardiology and Cardiovascular Medicine, Edelweiss Publications, Open Access.  Volume 3 Issue 1 | PDF 119 | Pages 3.

Khara, Maliha, Herath, Jayantha. Suicide Decapitation by a Detonating Cord A Case Report. The American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology. November 16, 2018. doi: 10.1097/PAF.0000000000000446. (Am J Forensic Med Pathol 2019;40: 140–143)

Christopher G. ball, Jayantha C. Herath. Earth, Air, Water and Fire: Histopathology of Environmental Death. Academic Forensic Pathology. August 31, 2018.

Daniel S. Smyk & Jayantha C. Herath. Delayed rupture of a vertebral artery laceration: a case report and challenges for the forensic pathologist. Forensic Science, Medicine and Pathology. Published online 20th June 2018.

Syeda S Rizvi, Jayantha C Herath. Nonnatural Deaths of Children under the Age of 5 Years in Ontario, Canada: A Retrospective Autopsy Analysis of 10 Years (2006-2015). Journal of Forensic Science and Medicine, Vol 3 issue 4 October-December 2017 pp 197-202.

Ellen Yang, Rebekah D Jacques, Jayantha Herath, 5-Year Retrospective Review of Diltiazem Associated Deaths. Research Article. Journal of Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy (RRJHCP), Vol 3 Issue 3 December 2017.

Ingo von Both, Silvio G Bruni, Jayantha C Herath, Differentiation of antemortem pulmonary thromboembolism and postmortem clot with unenhanced MRI: a case report, Forensic Science Medicine and Pathology accepted 28 November 2017 and published online 04 January 2018,

Jayantha C. Herath, Muhammad Ahmer Wali. Sudden death of an infant due to complex congenital cardiac abnormality including an interrupted aortic arch, abnormal pulmonary artery and a peri-membranous ventricular septal defect. J Clin Path Lab Med 2017 Volume 1 Issue 2.

Jayantha C. Herath, Michael S. Pollanen. Clinical Examination and Reporting of a Victim of Torture. ACADEMIC FORENSIC PATHOLOGY: THE OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF MEDICAL EXAMINERS (ISSN: 1925-3621) ©2017 Academic Forensic Pathology International: pp 330-339. Submitted for consideration on 15 Jun 2017. Accepted for publication on 16 Jul 2017.

Raheem Peerani, Meredith Berggren, Jayantha C. Herath. Sudden Death of a Young Man by Acute Hemorrhagic Leukoencephalitis; Case of the month. ACADEMIC FORENSIC PATHOLOGY: THE OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF MEDICAL EXAMINERS (ISSN: 1925-3621) ©2017 Academic Forensic Pathology International: pp 488-493. Submitted for consideration on 16 Jun 2017. Accepted for publication on 12 Jul 2017.

Bellis, Magdaleni; Herath, Jayantha; Pollanen, Michael. Sudden Death Due to Acute Epiglottitis in Adults: A Retrospective Review of 11 Postmortem Cases. American Journal of Forensic Medicine & Pathology: December 2016 - Volume 37 - Issue 4 - p 275–278

13. Williams AS, Little DL, Herath JC. Sudden unexpected death as a result of primary aortoduodenal fistula identified with postmortem computed tomography. Forensic Sci Med Pathol. 2015 Oct 13.

Adriana Krizova, Jayantha C. Herath. Death of a neonate with a negative autopsy and ketoacidosis. A case report of propionic academia. American Journal of Forensic medicine and Pathology, 2015 May 22.

Jayantha C. Herath, Saman Kalikias, Susan M. Phillips, Marc R. Del Bigio. Traumatic and other non-natural childhood deaths in Manitoba, Canada: A retrospective autopsy analysis (1989-2010). Can J Public Health 2014;105(2):e103-e108.

Payam Pahlavan, Jayantha Herath, Two rare cases of fatal intoxication from Metformin and literature review, Am J Clin Pathol 2012;138:A126.

Jennifer C. Hunt, J.C., Schneider C, Menticoglou S, Herath J, Del Bigio M.R. Antenatal and Postnatal Diagnosis of Coxsackie B4 Infection: Case Series. Am J Perinatol Rep. ISSN (Print) 2157-6998 - ISSN (Online) 2157-7005. Thieme Medical Publishers 333 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10001, USA.