May 31, 2024

Humans of LMP: Roofaidah Durdana Haque

Programs: TRP, Agile education, Inclusive community
Roofaidah Haque

Each month we speak to a member of the Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology community and find out more about them as part of an initiative from our Wellness, Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Committee (WIDE).

This month we feature Roofaidah Durdana Haque, a student in the Translational Research Program (TRP).

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What are you studying at LMP and why are you interested in studying it? 

I joined the Translational Research Program (TRP) at LMP after completing an Honours Bachelor of Science. Throughout my undergraduate degree, I participated in many activities both on and off campus to have opportunities to apply what we learned during our lectures. There were some instances where I was able to connect my learning with things I noticed, but I didn’t feel my knowledge was making a meaningful impact.

I came across the TRP website and the work the students had done during one of my third-year classes. However, I put it to the back of my mind since it wasn’t something I needed to consider at that time. When I started the second semester of my final undergraduate year, I began thinking about how and where I could use what I had learned over the past four years. That's when TRP came back to my mind.

I believe TRP is a place where I can champion positive change in healthcare and contribute to advancing meaningful and innovative interventions. The skills I have learned and the people I have met and learned from during my first year at TRP have already been beneficial to me professionally in my work in healthcare services.

two women standing in front of a poster
Roofaidah (right) with her project colleague, Keshanah Raviendran, presenting at the LMPRC 2024

What is the most interesting thing you’ve done, seen, or got involved with while at LMP? 

One of the most interesting things I’ve done, as a first-year graduate student, was present a poster alongside my team (Carl Leochico, Julia Kulczyski, Keshanah Raviendran and Kristen Di Stefano) at the LMP Research Conference (LMPRC) 2024.

Our poster showcased a project on Ehler-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), which we started in our case study class in Foundations. Our PI’s Dr. Laurent Bozec and his team, as well as Dr. Nimish Mittal, brought forward this project and it was a great learning experience.

What was the best career advice you ever received?  

The best piece of advice I have ever received was to never shy away from a learning opportunity, even if it is from a mistake made.

Additionally, how starting something with a positive mindset is important as it shapes your experience and story.

What has been an important learning experience in your life?  

An important learning experience in my life was working in variety of work fields. I have worked as a junior basketball and soccer coach, youth in policing initiative, revitalization ambassador for a community undergoing gentrification, research assistant at a lab in the department of nutrition, as well as volunteering with geriatric patients in a hospital.

I learned that not everyone comes from the cookie cutter idea of a professional, and that can actually make you better at your profession and not worse. One does not have to follow the same path as everyone else.

Who is an influential person in your life and why?  

There have been two influential people in my life, and they continue to inspire me to this day: my parents.

My dad was a Navy Officer in Bangladesh, and he left his job, his mother, and siblings to come to Canada so my brother and I could have access to advanced education. He works as a cook at a restaurant now, and he never complains about where or what he works at. My mom, who is still learning how to speak English fluently, volunteers much of her time organizing events in the community. She is also taking swimming lessons at this age because she didn’t have access to a pool or an instructor growing up in Bangladesh.

What would it surprise people to know about you? 

I want to be an Formula 1 driver.

What activities do you enjoy doing outside of work? 

I find trying different activities really fun. But a lot of the times, you will find me either playing the piano, swimming, riding my bike by Harbour Front (only in the summer) and playing board games with friends and family.

What is your favourite album, film and novel? 

Album: Four by One Direction. I also love listening to Spanish songs.

Film: I really love action/adventure, comedy, and science fiction movies. I cannot choose between the Marvel or Fast and Furious movie series. I also love the tv shows Modern Family and Criminal Minds.

Novel: “A Thousand Splendid Suns” by Khaled Hosseini, and “12 Rules for Life” by Jordan Peterson.

Who would be your dream dinner guests? 

My dream dinner guest would be Lewis Hamilton.

Where/what is your favourite place? 

My favourite place is Bath, Somerset, in England.

If you were stuck on a deserted island but had all your basic needs taken care of (i.e. food and water), what two items would you bring with you and why?

I would bring my guitar and all my favourite movies and TV shows. I enjoy listening to music, playing music, and singing, so bringing my guitar would help do all three. I also love watching movies and tv shows, especially rewatching episodes from my favourite tv series and/or movies.

See Roofaidah's profile on the TRP website.

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