Jun 1, 2022

LMP scientists part of Canada’s Stem Cell Network's largest investment in regenerative medicine research

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Photos of Nine researchers

The Stem Cell Network has just made its largest investment in regenerative medicine research by allocating $19.5m to support 32 projects and clinical trials across Canada. Researchers appointed in the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology in the Temerty Faculty of Medicine have received funding with Dr. Sara Vasconcelos receiving one of the Horizon Awards.

Funded research for LMP scientists

Horizon Award: Dr. Sara Vasconcelos with collaborator Dr. Michael Laflamme - 'Advancing microvessel-based cardiac regeneration into a large pre-clinical animal model'

Early Career Researcher Jump-Start Awards:

  • Dr. Scott Yuzwa is a collaborator - 'Direct lineage reprogramming of astrocytes to new oligodendrocytes for the treatment of demyelinating disease'
  • Dr. Amy Wong with collaborator Dr. Bo Wang - 'Deciphering cell competition during iPSC differentiation towards lung epithelia'

Impact Awards:

  • Dr. Michael Laflamme and Dr. Slava Epelman are collaborators - 'Stem cell derived resident cardiac macrophages in designer polymers for cardiac repair and regeneration'
  • Dr. Karun Singh - 'Gene therapy to restore neural connectivity in neurodevelopmental disorders associated with a CNV microdeletion'

Translation and Society Team Award: Dr. Amy Wong and Dr. Michael Laflamme are collaborators - 'Engaging patients in laboratory-based cell therapy research: Co-production and field testing of a framework'

Fueling Biotechnology Partnerships: Dr. Shinichiro Ogawa with collaborator Dr. Sonya MacParland - 'Developing functional 3D bioprinted liver tissues with sustained immune evasion'

Read the full announcement on the Stem Cell Network website

More on the research projects

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