Retirees 2020

We never like to see our people go, but after long years of service and dedicated to their field, we are delighted to celebrate the retirement of some of our faculty.

A full list of our Professors Emeriti is found on Our Faculty page.

We celebrated our retirees as part of our LMP Celebration of Excellence 2020.

Professor Emeritus​

Jagdish Butany 

Dr. Jagdish Butany; has made significant contributions to the practice of cardiovascular pathology which led to several leadership positions in the field.

He has been appointed in LMP for 39 years and made many innovative teaching contributions to undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate medical education. 

He was awarded the W.T. Aiken Award in 1995 and LMP’s John B. Walter Prize for Course Design and Development in 2002. He was also the recipient of the LMP’s Distinguished Service Award in 2007.

Jagdish Butany

Gerald Prud’homme

Dr. Gerald Prud’homme is a Clinician-Scientist at St. Michael’s Hospital who has attained international recognition for his expertise in autoimmune diseases, tumour immunotherapy and gene therapy, as well as his contributions to cancer research. 

He was appointed in LMP for 18 years where he was active in all levels of teaching from undergraduate graduate, undergraduate medicine and post-graduate medical education.  

Gerald Prud'homme

Victor Tron

Dr. Victor Tron served in LMP for six years after being recruited as the Chief of Laboratory Medicine at St. Michael’s Hospital. 

He is known internationally for helping advance us on the road towards finding a melanoma cure with his research on MicroRNA 193b and its role in the melanoma process. 

Victor Tron


Associate Professor Emerita​

Frances Jamieson

Dr. Frances Jamieson served in LMP for 22 years.

She is a Medical Microbiologist and is celebrated for her achievements in research of tuberculosis and mycobacterial diseases, and meningococcal disease, as well as molecular surveillance of pathogens of public health importance, and public health policy. 

Her work was recognized by the Canadian Association for Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases when she received the John G. Fitzgerald Outstanding Microbiologist Award in 2013.

Frances Jamieson

Toby Rose 

Prior to her retirement, Dr. Rose served as the Deputy Chief Forensic Pathologist at the Ontario Forensic Pathology Service. 

She joined LMP in 1984 where she has made significant contributions in helping build Forensic Pathology as an academic discipline in Canada.

Among her notable scholarly accomplishments, she established our residency program in Forensic Pathology and contributed to the development of Forensic Pathology as a formal subspecialty of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. These activities led to her receiving LMP’s Clinical Teaching Award in Fellowship Medical Teaching in 2018.

Toby Rose