Apr 30, 2024

Networking and sharing research: LMPRC is a huge success!

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The Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology held its annual research conference this April. With almost 400 registrants and 140 research presentations, it was a great opportunity to see what was happening in LMP research.

Students from the research stream (MSc and PhD) presented alongside graduate students in the Translational Research Program (TRP) and MHSc in Laboratory Medicine (Clinical Embryology field). Residents from pathology, microbiology and hematological pathology presented, as well as from clinical and postdoctoral fellowships.

The day was opened by Vice Chair Education (Life Sciences), Dr. Michael Ohh. Keynote speaker, Dr. Logan Walsh from McGill University, spoke on “Decoding the tumor microenvironment with spatial technologies”. An engaging talk which covered a broad spectrum of fields from basic science to clinical applications, the room was packed with attendees.

The poster presentations, as ever, were a highlight. “It’s wonderful to see all our trainees in one place, talking to each other, sharing their research,” commented Dr. Susan Done, Director of Residency Programs in LMP.

A new addition this year was in running concurrent skills training workshops. From Biostatistics to 3D Cell culture, and Postgrad job success, there was something for everyone.

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PhD candidate, Rupal Hatkar, attended the workshop on Single-Cell RNA Sequencing, “The workshops have been a great addition this year. I love hearing from experts and see them go through real examples, addressing specific technical issues and answering questions. I have received some great tips on how to analyze and interpret the data based on tissue type – very useful!”

The Product Show was a big draw. With vendors from Cedarlane, ESBE Scientific, Norgen Biotek, PHCbi, Sarstedt, FroggaBio and Diamed, attendees had plenty to talk about and to explore the latest in lab supplies and equipment.

The conference was organised by students, trainees and staff in LMP (see below for the full list of committee members). Priya Mistry, part of the organizing committee commented, “Pacing for the event was very important. It’s a busy day but we tried to build in time for people to chat and network – getting together in person is important for building relationships and sharing knowledge and we wanted to make sure everyone can get the most out of the day.”

Seojin Lee and Negar Khosraviani

CLAMPS Co-Presidents Negar Khosraviani and Seojin Lee led the student team. Negar commented, "It was a fantastic day! We had a great turnout of both learners and faculty. I feel like the day went smoothly and it was all thanks to the collective efforts of the whole LMPRC planning committee over the past few months which consisted of graduate students, postgraduate trainees and LMP staff. Our oral presenters were of diverse research backgrounds which reflects the amazing research happening in our department."

Seojin added, "Organizing this year’s LMPRC as co-president of CLAMPS has been an incredibly memorable experience. It was a long journey leading up to the day of the conference, but thanks to the amazing teamwork from the committee, it was certainly a smooth process. LMPRC organization was an opportunity of which I was able to truly feel the incredible breadth and depth of research going on in the department firsthand, and seeing the faculty members, students, and staff actively networking and enjoying the conference on the day of was an indescribable feeling of awe and joy. I look forward to the exciting research endeavours that are more to come from LMPRC".

See photos from the day on Flickr

See the conference web page.

Award winners from the LMPRC 2024

The awards were presented by Dr. Janice Robertson, Vice Chair Research (Life Sciences), and Dr. Myron Cybulsky, Vice-Chair Research (Clinical).

Ryunosuke Hoshi

Best Oral Presentation

Ryunosuke Hoshi, Dr. Kelsie Thu Lab

“Delivering anti-cancer therapeutics in lung adenocarcinoma using ultrasound-induced cavitation of microbubbles”

A room full of people listening to someone speaking on stage

Best poster: Brain and Neuroscience

Ari Belotserkovsky, Dr. Gerold Schmitt-Ulms Lab

“Brain targeted AAV delivery of CRISPR-Cas9 technology for PRNP knockout”

Mashiat Mimosa

Best poster: Cancer, Development & Aging

Mashiat Mimosa, Dr. Rola Saleeb Lab

“Detecting chromosomal copy number variations and point mutations in Glioma using a single assay"

Wing Winnie Ho

Best poster: Cardiovascular, Physiology, Metabolism

Tse Wing Winnie Ho, Dr. Warren Lee Lab

“The distinct pathway of LDL transcytosis via the Golgi and Rab proteins”

Aideen Teeling

Best poster: Infectious Disease and Inflammation

Aideen Teeling, Dr. Mario Ostrowski Lab

“Evaluating T Cell Responses to Predicted Optimal Epitopes in Mpox-Recovered and Naïve Patients”

Andrew Song

Best poster: Molecular & Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine

Andrew Song, Dr. Rita Kandel Lab

“Towards the formation of the nucleus pulposus component of a biological intervertebral disc replacement”

Brianna Dunstan

Best poster: Translational Research Program (TRP)

Brianna Dunstan with team members Izzar Linares and Matt Prebeg.

“Mindsense: A Project on Enhancing Youth Engagement in Counselling Through Measurement-Based Care”

See more on their research experiences in TRP students build skills and research connections at youth mental health research conference.

Alexandra Meshcherekova

Best poster: MHSc in Laboratory Medicine

Alexandra Meshcherekova from the Clinical Embryology field.

“Exploring the correlation between the day of euploid embryo biopsy and its Mitoscore, and clinical pregnancy outcomes resulting from transfer”

Joseph Zeppa

Best poster: Postgraduate Medical Education

Joseph Zeppa, Clinical Microbiology Postdoctoral Fellowship trainee.

“Comparison of pharyngeal and invasive isolates of Streptococcus pyogenes by whole genome sequencing from Toronto collected in 2023”

This story showcases the following pillars of the LMP strategic plan: Dynamic Collaboration (pillar 2)Impactful Research (pillar 3)Disruptive Innovation (pillar 4) and Agile Education (pillar 5)

Thank you to the LMPRC Organizing Committee

Research stream graduate students

  • Boaz Ehiogu
  • Mary-Jo Hatem
  • Lauren Joe
  • Negar Khosraviani
  • Cori Lau
  • Seojin Lee
  • Gizelle Lionel
  • Priya Mistry
  • Alexandra Moffat
  • Alissa Pak
  • Kristen Schultz

Translational Research Program (TRP)

  • Mouzhan Varshoueitabrizi
  • Amena Ali

MHSc in Laboratory Medicine

  • Karina Chu


  • Cathy Cao


  • Tara Asgharzadeh 
  • Jenni Bozec
  • Nelson Cabral
  • Paula Nixon
  • Beatrice Wong
  • Debb Yorke