Sep 24, 2021

LMP expands Artificial Intelligence expertise by welcoming Rahul Krishnan

Programs: Graduate, Research: Artificial Intelligence in healthcare
Rahul Krishnan

Dr. Rahul Krishnan has joined the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology at the Temerty Faculty of Medicine as Assistant Professor.

He holds a joint appointment with the Department of Computer Science, and he brings further expertise to our focus in Computational Medicine and Biology and in particular advancing machine learning and its applications to healthcare following the launch of The Temerty Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research and Education in Medicine (T-CAIREM) and recruitment of faculty member Dr. Bo Wang.

Dr. Krishnan completed his PhD on ‘Inference and Learning in Deep Generative Models with applications to Electronic Health Record data’ in the lab of Dr. David Sontag at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston USA.

He is a specialist in probabilistic time-series modelling, a subfield of machine learning that leverages domain expertise (expressed as relationships between objects) to build automated decision support tools. Dr. Krishnan is looking at new ways to learn these models from data, as well as how to apply them for solving practical problems in healthcare. 

Dr. Krishnan joins us from Microsoft Research where he studied the application of machine learning to problems in oncology such as developing new methods to represent high dimensional histopathology images. For example, when pathology slides are digitized, can we use computational models to predict genetic aberrations in the cancer tissue as well as assess how that cancer will grow? Such models can, in the future, be used in software to aid clinicians in providing more holistic diagnoses as well as inform treatment recommendations. 

He is looking forward to joining a diverse community interested in tackling problems in healthcare and biomedical research where computational machine learning can help. He’s also interested to explore how introducing machine learning into medical education will impact our next generation of physicians and researchers. He will be teaching a new graduate course on machine learning in healthcare this Fall.

Rahul is an avid cyclist and swimmer so please let him know if you are organising any related activities in the department.

Please join us in welcoming Rahul to the LMP community!

You can contact Rahul at

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