Jun 27, 2022

LMP takes time to reflect and celebrate achievements

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A large group of people listening to a presentation

Last week, the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology met to celebrate the achievements of the last year.

Opened by Department Chair, Dr. Rita Kandel, she remarked on how LMP thrived in the pandemic, publishing over 170 papers on COVID-19 in PubMed alone. Over the last two years the department produced and launched a new MHSc in Laboratory Medicine, and the award-winning Temerty Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research and Education in Medicine (T-CAIREM) amongst many achievements. She also noted how much strain many were under and the effects of anxiety on the community.

She said to the audience of 150 faculty, staff, students, and trainees, “Today gives me the opportunity appreciate all the great things we have accomplished together”.

Celebrating the 132 students and trainees who graduated in LMP in the last year, she remined them that “As Jackie Robinson said, life is not a spectator sport,” and “don’t ever lose sight of what you were able to accomplish these past two years. Your resiliency was remarkable, a characteristic bound to serve you well in your future.”

Dr. Carlo Hojilla took over as Master of Ceremonies, presenting awards to the highest performing undergraduate and graduate students, and postgraduate trainees. Faculty were celebrated in teaching and leadership awards.

See who received awards at the Annual Celebration of Excellence

Dr. Boris Virine, resident in the Anatomical Pathology Program, presented the Danny Ghazarian award on behalf of LMP residents to Dr. Zaid Saeed Kamil for “taking time to get to know us, tailoring his teaching to our strengths and interests” and his “masterful” ability to combine resident and fellow teaching.

The ten faculty promoted this year were applauded, as Dr. Kandel noted how proud the department was that seven of those promoted were women.

Dr Hojilla highlighted 14 faculty members who have dedicated 20 or more years to the department, as well as thanking the six faculty members who retired in the last year, for their service and dedication.

The audience also took a moment to celebrate Dr. Kandel’s recent reappointment as Department Chair.

Once the awards and recognitions were complete, attendees enjoyed a reception on the patio with music from the Faculty of Music. Many were delighted to see each other again in person and be able to take a moment to celebrate after many challenges during the pandemic.

Prints of the LMP Art Competition winners were displayed, showcasing the imaging skills of LMP students and trainees, which garnered much attention.

Business manager, and lead organizer of the event, Nelson Cabral, noted, “It was such a wonderful evening to be able to see so many smiling faces and be able to offer those in our department a chance to look back and be proud of what we can achieve together in LMP.”