Promotions 2021: Q&A with Marjan Rouzbahman

Marjan Rouzbahman

This year, we celebrate a record 12 promotions in the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology.

We speak to each of them to learn more about their role and what this promotion means to them.

Dr. Marjan Rouzbahman has been promoted to Associate Professor.

What is your role in LMP?

I am a gynecologic pathologist at Toronto General Hospital.

Why did you pursue an academic career?

I love academic medicine because it is dynamic and you have the opportunity to learn continuously, challenge yourself, interact with amazing mentors, share your experience, and work with others.

What does this promotion mean to you?

I am honored that I am a member of the LMP community and I appreciate that my work has been acknowledged.

If you can go back, what advice would you give your younger self?

I would start early in my career documenting my academic work consistently and regularly.

What advice would you give faculty who would like to apply for promotion?

Attend LMP promotion workshops, connect with colleagues who went through the process, and ask for help.

How did you manage your time in putting your dossier together considering your multiple priorities?

When I decided to apply, I started early and made a plan to prepare my dossier gradually over a period of few months. Pretty much every night after my kids went to bed, I started working on my dossier for a few hours. Patricia Cayetano was a tremendous help.

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