Jan 8, 2022  |  10:00am - 4:00pm

Repair and Reconstruct: Advancements in Regenerative Medicine


The Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology Students’ Union (LMPSU) is proud to announce regenerative medicine as the topic for our next undergraduate annual research conference.

The ever-improving quality of healthcare outcomes and technologies starts with the work done by these researchers and those who work alongside them. Join us to learn about their achievements and what the field of regenerative medicine may look like in the years to come.


Opening statement

10:00 Dr. Rita Kandel, LMP Department Chair

Keynote speaker

10:05 Dr. Michael Laflamme, MD, PhD: 'Heart Regeneration with Human Pluripotent Stem Cells'

Clinical applications

11:00 Dr. Amy Wong, MSc, PhD: 'Stem Cell Models to Understand Pulmonary Disease Pathogenesis and Therapy Discovery'

11:45 Dr. Sonya MacParland, PhD: 'Mapping the Human Liver with Single Cell Resolution: Implications for Regenerative Approaches'


12:30 Lunch and student poster presentations

Interdisciplinary approaches

1:30 Dr. Craig Simmons, PhD, PEng: 'Bioengineering Approaches to Improve Stem Cell Culture'

2:15 Dr. Michael Sefton, ScD, PEng: 'Preparing the Ground for Endogenous Repair'

3:00 Dr. Axel Guenther, PhD: Title to be confirmed

Closing remarks

3:45 Justin Callahan and Nathaniel Vo LMPSU Co-Presidents

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