May 9, 2022

LMP Promotions 2022

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We are pleased to announce the promotion of 10 of our faculty this year, effective July 1, 2022.

Department Chair, Dr. Rita Kandel commented, "This reflects the outstanding work happening in our department, and we are very proud of our faculty’s accomplishments as they continue to have a far-reaching impact on scholarly activities".

Congratulations to all!

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We recognised our promotions at the Annual Celebration of Excellence.

Promotion to Professor

Michael Laflamme

Dr. Michael Laflamme

Excellence in Research

Dr. Laflamme is recognized internationally for his innovative translational research program on cardiac regenerative medicine.

He has made seminal contributions in developing novel human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs)-derived cell therapies for heart disease. These discoveries received considerable attention as they addressed some of the most significant challenges in the field and led us closer to using cell-based therapies to treat heart disease.

Read more about his research in A 20 year path to translation: repairing broken hearts 

Dr. Laflamme's faculty profile

Sharon Nofech-Mozes

Dr. Sharon Nofech-Mozes

Excellence in CPA

Dr. Nofech-Mozes is internationally recognized as an expert in diagnostic breast and gynecologic pathology.

She has demonstrated leading-edge translational research in tumor classification, identifying predictors of outcome and response to therapies and standardization, and improved accuracy of testing algorithms of cancer biomarkers. These have resulted in highly cited papers that have changed the field.

Dr. Nofech-Mozes' faculty profile

Tracy Stockley

Dr. Tracy Stockley

Excellence in CPA

Dr. Stockley is internationally recognized for her creative professional activities in innovative clinical laboratory molecular diagnostic tests and quality assurance/improvement of clinical molecular diagnostics, bringing us closer to personalized medicine.

Her expertise in developing and applying the latest genomic advances has led to her being invited to join national and international committees that have produced guidelines that influence clinical practice.

Dr. Stockley's faculty profile

Promotion to Associate Professor

Kathy Chun

Dr. Kathy Chun

Excellence in CPA

Dr. Chun has made significant scholarly contributions advancing the fields of clinical cytogenetics and molecular genetics in cancer and prenatal diagnostics in Canada.

She has effectively translated new genomic findings into practical clinical genetic testing in different areas. These scholarly findings have been disseminated through peer-reviewed publications, presentations, and participation in various provincial, national, and international committees and working groups.

Dr. Chun is also commended for strengthening medical genetics education through her work with the Canadian College of Medical Geneticists.

Dr. Chun's faculty profile

Phedias Diamandis

Dr. Phedias Diamandis

Excellence in Research

Dr. Diamandis is recognized as one of the rising stars in the Canadian neuropathology community.

Since his appointment, he has built an independent and innovative research program in two areas:  the use of mass spectrometry to study human cerebral development and artificial intelligence in Pathology.

His successful research program is supported by peer review funding and a strong publication record that has received considerable attention in the neuropathology community.

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Dr. Diamandis' faculty profile

Zeina Ghorab

Dr. Zeina Ghorab

Excellence in CPA and Teaching

Dr. Ghorab has made outstanding contributions in developing professional practice in Cytopathology with a resounding national impact.

She is a leading educator who has shaped Cytopathology training in Canada. In addition, she has made significant contributions to improving the detection and screening for anal cancer in women with genital Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) - associated neoplasia, refined the diagnostic criteria for rare variants of cervical adenocarcinoma on Pap smears, and contributed to developing practice guidelines that have improved health outcomes.

Dr. Ghorab's faculty profile

Lani Liebermann

Dr. Lani Lieberman

Excellence in CPA

Dr. Lieberman has contributed to building a comprehensive, evidence-based transfusion medicine program in Canada that has already led to significant changes to how perinatal blood bank testing and transfusion are performed and offered at national and international levels. She has built several national programs, such as the Canadian Obstetrical and Pediatric Transfusion Network (COPTN) and the Fetal and Neonatal Alloimmune Thrombocytopenia (FNAIT), that have influenced standards of practice.

Dr. Lieberman's faculty profile

Fang-I Lu

Dr. Fang-I Lu

Excellence in CPA and Teaching

Dr. Lu has established herself as a nationally renowned expert in breast pathology and as a leader in medical education.

Her work has led to the standardization of breast cancer specimen processing and reporting on post-neoadjuvant therapy practices in Canada. In addition, she is also gaining recognition as being an innovative medical educator. She has piloted a novel Anatomic Pathology trainee in-service evaluation called ‘Hot Seat’ diagnosis and conducted a national online survey to assess the wellness of residents during COVID.  

She is also the Field Director of the Pathologists’ Assistants in the MHSc in Laboratory Medicine program.

Dr. Lu's faculty profile

Roberto Melano

Dr. Roberto Melano

Excellence in CPA

Dr. Melano has established a leading-edge research program in detecting and characterizing antimicrobial resistant (AMR) organisms that has significant national and international impact.

His recognition as an expert in this field led to his participation in provincial, national, and international surveillance programs of antimicrobial resistance. He is analyzing antimicrobial susceptibility profiles in bacteria of clinical interest as well as elucidating the molecular mechanisms producing resistant phenotype and the prevalence of successful clones disseminating resistance. His expertise is being sought by leading organizations such as the World Health Organization and South and Latin American countries.

Read more about his work in How supporting research in Latin America saves lives in Ontario

Dr. Melano's faculty profile

Samira Mubareka

Dr. Samira Mubareka

Excellence in Research and CPA

Dr. Mubareka is celebrated for her important scholarly contributions in bioaerosol transmission, viral genomics, and viral zoonoses and its application to public health. Her expertise helped inform COVID-19 response and policy and positioned her as a national leader during SARS-CoV-2. She has played an important role in several national and international initiatives and working groups related to SARS CoV-2. In addition, she shared virus and virology protocols, and provided advice, support, and data with collaborators across the country. Her exemplary and novel research contributions have been recognized by high-impact publications and grant funding.

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Dr. Mubareka's faculty profile