LMP researchers awarded CIHR grants

Mar 23, 2021

In the latest round of Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) funding, we are delighted to announce that several researchers appointed in Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology have been successful.

Dr. Jason Fish, Associate Professor, has funding to continue his work on predicting risk and identifying mechanisms of cardiotoxicity in breast cancer patients through the application of novel biomarkers. Using extracellular vesicles that are made by the endothelium, they hope to be able to predict which breast cancer patients are at most risk of developing heart failure from chemotherapeutics.

Dr. Scott Yuzwa, Assistant Professor, is being funded for his work investigating molecular mechanisms controlling the developmental emergence and maintenance of adult neural stem cells. The team hopes to learn how to control the growth of new neural stem cells to help the brain recover after a stroke.

Also successful were several researchers cross-appointed to LMP:

  • Dr. Sunit Das, Associate Professor in the Department of Surgery, for ‘Improving outcomes across the cancer journey for adolescents and young adult with central nervous system tumours: The IMPACT-CNS Cohort’.
  • Dr. Robert Hamilton, Professor in the Department of Paediatrics, for ‘Investigating a New Biomarker for the Inherited Arrhythmia Condition: Brugada Syndrome’.
  • Dr. Catherine O’Brien, Associate Professor in the Department of Surgery, for ‘Molecular drivers of the drug tolerant persister state in patient-derived colorectal cancer models’.
  • Dr. Marco Magalhaes, Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Dentistry, for ‘Understanding the role of TNFR1 signalling in malignant transformation of oral keratinocytes’.

Congratulations to all!

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