Nov 17, 2022

“Pathology, the ultimate team sport”: LMP alumni discuss their careers

Programs: Postgraduate, Agile education, Alumni, Inclusive community
two women and two men talking on zoom
By Jenni Bozec

On International Pathology Day, several Pathologists who trained in the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology discussed their careers and trends they’d seen in their profession so far.

Hosted by Dr. Anjelica Hodgson (Gynecologic Pathologist) the panel consisted of Dr. Kona Williams (Forensic Pathologist), Dr. Andrew Williams (expert in Digital Pathology), and Dr. Gino Somers (Paediatric Pathologist).

They covered topics raised by the audience such as why they were attracted to Pathology (“Pathologists were the ones with all the answers”, “it’s never boring”), why it’s such a great “team sport”, and how they balanced the demands of the job from clinical to academic. “We enjoy what we do when we have the time”, “try not to say yes too much”, “letting the clinical work drive the academic interests”.

The panel explored how Pathology has changed since they started and what excites them about the future of this field. 

Dr. Williams spoke of her role as a First Nations Forensic Pathologist appointed to the National Advisory Committee on Residential Schools, Missing Children and Unmarked Burials. A role that is “humbling, scary and exciting,” for her to be able to contribute to and something she is proud Forensic Pathology can help with.

They also spoke about computational, molecular and digital pathology and the opportunities this “information explosion” opens.

And what did their training not prepare them for? They give their advice to future Pathologists.

To hear the conversation, watch the recording below.

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